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New tonight: Season finales of Dan For Mayor and Hiccups on CTV

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7:30 p.m. – DAN FOR MAYOR – “Porktoberfest” – SEASON FINALE
Dan (Fred Ewaniuck) is about to open the annual Porktoberfest by taking a bite of the Golden Bratwurst – a task made difficult by his vegetarian status. Jeff (Paul Bates) is confused by Dan’s seemingly bi-dietary lifestyle. After a radio spot, Wessegonians start to question their own dietary choices, leaving a lot of uneaten pork in Wessex. Meanwhile, Mike (Ben Ayres) takes his role of Hambassador so seriously it has him donning lederhosen and eating more than his share of pork products.

8:30 p.m. – HICCUPS – “’Wake the Baby” – SEASON FINALE
After attending the funeral for her mentor, Millie (Nancy Robertson) decides she doesn’t want to miss what could be the best day of her life, so she plans a living funeral for herself. Crystal (Emily Perkins) and her boyfriend struggle with adjusting to parenthood so Stan (Brent Butt) offers to help but becomes more of a babysitter than a life coach.


New tonight: Dan For Mayor “Ethical Dilemma” & Hiccups “Welcome Back Potter” on CTV

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DAN FOR MAYOR – “Ethical Dilemma”
Dan’s (Fred Ewanuick) relationship with Claire (Mary Ashton) forces him to provide full disclosure to the questionably ethical Ethics Commissioner. Jeff (Paul Bates) attempts to out-customer service Fern (David Ferry) and winds up behind bars.

HICCUPS – “Welcome Back Potter”
Post-baby Crystal (Emily Perkins) returns to work and immediately takes advantage of Millie’s (Nancy Robertson) good nature. The end result is a shredded file that Joyce (Laura Soltis) needs for a meeting she knows nothing about. Meanwhile, Anna’s (Paula Rivera) jealousy gets the best of her when Stan (Brent Butt) is the centre of female attention at their pottery class. Things then go from good to bad to worse when Taylor (David Ingram) gets involved.