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Link: Women Behind Canadian TV: Daegan Fryklind

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Women Behind Canadian TV: Daegan Fryklind
“One of the things about being a female showrunner and working with the team of producers here at Bitten is that they were interested in having female representation in the story department–obviously we have a female lead on the show–but I’ve been grateful and blessed in this room, and with these producers, that I’ve never felt like my gender was the reason they picked me. None of the people in the story department have been picked based on gender. It’s based on ‘Can you deliver a good script?’ I’ve never felt like J.B. [Sugar] or the producers at eOne or Hoodwink have diminished my capacity based on the fact that I’m female. I have had that experience in the past and you really do feel the difference.” Continue reading.