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New documentary series, DirtFarmers, highlights farm life in unique and hilarious ways

From a media release:

Farming is hard work and working with family can make it even harder. And for the Simpson brothers, that’s especially true. Working together to run the family farm in Ruthilda, Saskatchewan, Trevor, a chainsmoking, coffee swilling oil rigger and his younger brother Jason, a good farmer who procrastinates on everything, the two find themselves in some interesting scenarios.

Produced by Angel Entertainment of Saskatoon, DirtFarmers aims to give viewers a peek into the life of a farmer in an entertaining and relatable way. Known for biting off more than they can chew, the two brothers and their team of friends and family, work to keep the farm running. From dealing with rising costs to struggling with falling crop prices, the brothers highlight all sides of what farming means.

Viewers can expect to see a few shenanigans, learn new unique farming-related catchphrases and watch a family come together through thick and thin, all in the name of a successful harvest. The premiere episode will be aired on CityTV Saskatchewan at 10:00 p.m. CST on March 10, 2020. Miss an episode? Don’t worry, you can stream them online.