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Cameras rolling on Mr. D Season 6 in Halifax

From a media release:

Principal photography on Season 6 (10 x 30) of Mr. D – the popular CBC series starring comedian Gerry Dee – is now under way in Halifax. The new season will premiere this fall. 

Exploring the staff and student dynamics at a private school, Mr. D is based on the stand-up comedy act of Dee, who was a teacher for nine years before transitioning to a career in comedy. The series revolves around the eponymous Mr. D, an under-qualified and unmotivated teacher trying to fake his way through work – and life. 

The current season picks up from the hilarious Season 5 finale, in which Gerry and principal Lisa Mason (Lauren Hammersley) got hitched in a drunken haze following a disastrous fun fair at the elite day school.  

Season 6 storylines include Gerry teaching in a prison to earn extra cash; Robert (Jonathan Torrens) fulfilling a few of his lifelong dreams; and Simon (Mark Little) and Nisha (new principle cast member Emma Hunter) slowly exploring their complicated relationship.  

Mr. D also stars Bette MacDonald (Trudy), Naomi Snieckus (Bobbi), Darrin Rose (Bill), Wes Williams (Paul), Suresh John (Malik), Kathleen Phillips (Emma), and Bill Wood (Frank). Guest stars this season will once again include Youtube sensation Madison Tevlin, reprising her role as feisty Ricki, and other surprise guests to be announced later. 

As well, Sandra Rogers, the winner of CBC’s Mr. D Favourite Teacher Contest, will be heading to Halifax for a walk-on role later this summer. A teacher-librarian at Garth Webb Secondary School in Oakville, ON, Rogers was nominated by one of her students, 15-year-old Ishmam Tanveer. 

Mr. D is produced by Topsail Productions Limited and Gerard ADHD Entertainment Inc., in association with CBC, and is distributed worldwide by Entertainment One Television International Ltd. The series shoots in studio and on location in and around Halifax until mid-August.


Love is in the air for Mr. D’s Simon in Season 5

Mark Little has got a lot on his comedy plate. The veteran comedian and actor figures he’s got at least a dozen projects in various stages of development at the moment. He’s just flown into Toronto after a week in Atlanta where he was performing improv with friends. Prior to that, he spent Christmas with family and managed to unwind for a whole five says until the wheels started to turn and he started writing again.

Mr. D, returning for Season 5 on CBC this Tuesday at 9:30 p.m., represents one project where Little doesn’t have to write—series creator Gerry Dee and his writing room take care of that—but his character, Simon Hunt, does require work.

“Every summer I arrive in Halifax to film Mr. D and I have to go through the process,” Little says. “How does this guy talk again, how does he feel about things? I also watch old episodes. Doing that to figure out who you are is a weird experience.” Definitely helping Little immerse himself in the role of Xavier Academy’s socially awkward science teacher (with a borderline creepy relationship with his mother) is Simon’s wardrobe; as soon as he buttons that plaid shirt up to the top, dons the cargo pants and ties up the desert boots, he’s become the TV character. Good thing too, because the Picnicface performer called on all his acting skills in Episode 2, where he did artistic battle with Wes Williams. Simon signs up for guitar lessons with Williams’ Paul Dwyer and things get destructive.

“Wes really dives into his character,” Little says with a laugh. “He really works to figure out his motivation and that keeps me on my toes. His method takes him to a pretty intense place and it really brings out natural reactions from me.”

As for what else is to come for Simon story-wise, Little reveals Xavier’s resident science teacher enjoys a workplace flirtation.

“His love life has been hinted at in previous seasons, but I get more going this year,” he says. About time.

Mr. D airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBC.


Link: Gerry Dee on Mr. D, My Scottish Family and life on the road

From Jim Slotek of Postmedia Network:

Gerry Dee on Mr. D, My Scottish Family and life on the road
“The plan is to try to run Mr. D as long as it feels right. If you have another show and are in a position to do it, there’s a strategy there. Right now, I feel we’re peaking with Mr. D, so that’s my focus. If we get Season 7, maybe we’ll say, ‘Well that’s been a pretty good run.’” Continue reading. 


Link: CBS signs rights deal for CBC’s ‘Mr. D’

From Jim Slotek of Postmedia Network:

CBS signs rights deal for CBC’s ‘Mr. D’
Turns out CBS likes the CBC classroom sitcom Mr. D – a lot. They just want to American it up a bit.

Comedian Gerry Dee, the creator of the sitcom, told Postmedia he’d signed a deal Thursday with CBS for the format rights to the series based on his career as a Toronto teacher.

Fellow Canadian Will Arnett will be shepherding the project through his production company. Continue reading.


Preview: Mr. D returns with more awkwardness

New season, same old Gerry Duncan. At the end of Season 3, it appeared Xavier Academy had lost its history teacher. After all, Gerry’s dream job was to teach pays. ed., a gig offered to him by St. Pat’s. But in the season finale’s closing moments he returned to Xavier a self-proclaimed victor.

The move apparently paid off, but not without the typical Mr. D twist. The CBC sitcom returns Tuesday night paired with Schitt’s Creek, the newbie project that garnered record ratings in its double-dose debut last week. But where Schitt’s Creek is more of a traditional sitcom, Mr. D is the new wave, a series that relishes in the awkward moments … and milks them for all they’re worth. It doesn’t take long for cringeworthy stuff to start happening in “Mafia Dad” though it all starts promisingly enough.

Principal Callaghan informs Gerry that he is taking over coaching duties for the varsity basketball team and he’s stoked to carry on the team’s winning ways. Of course, the tallest kid on the team, Eddie, is also the worst (“Such a waste,” Gerry whispers to himself at one point) so Gerry plans to bench him. Enter Eddie’s father, who bribes Gerry with steaks, wine and “weal” sandwiches in a bid to get his son on the floor. It’s not until Bobbi pulls Gerry aside for a warning that he realizes Eddie’s dad may be a Russian mobster.

Speaking of Bobbi, she has her own uncomfortable few moments when Trudy upstages her at a birthday party for Lisa. Though Bobbi got up early to snag a personalized pudding-filled cake for event, Trudy’s gift of a pearl bracelet wins the day. The real source of the bauble leads to a very funny bit in the school office.

But perhaps the funniest storyline of the night belongs to Paul Dwyer. The always-positive and beloved Xavier teacher—the ying to Gerry’s yang—has an incredibly bad week full of damage to both person and possession yet he takes it all in stride. Wes Williams, who plays Dwyer, continues to amaze me with his comic chops.

Mr. D airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBC.