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VisionTV presents the world premiere of Hell: A Survivor’s Guide

From a media release:

On Monday, February 8, at 9 pm ET, VisionTV will present the world premiere of Hell: A Survivor’s Guide, a new Canadian documentary examining the history of a place that has maintained its grip on the human imagination for centuries.

Heaven is usually visualized in less specific ways. It’s a place of eternal light, peace, purity, and happiness. Hell, on the other hand, has been mapped out in excruciating detail. In almost every known description of the afterlife, Hell is located underground – a hot, demonic realm of grim tortures and eternal agony.

To understand our ongoing fascination with this underworld, host Brian Paisley (Apocalypse … When?) will turn to great artists like Homer, Virgil, Dante, Bosch, Doré and Rubens, all of whom felt inspired to create compelling images of Hell.

Paisley also talks to scholars, writers, and theologians, and to a psychologist who has studied why the concept of Hell has had such an impact on our lives, and why, even in secular societies, the idea of Hell can still influence our behaviour.

To supplement the documentary, Asterisk Productions has will be launching http://hellsurvivorsguide.com. The website will include 40 minutes of extended interviews with experts, webisodes, additional written commentary, and recommended readings.

Hell: A Survivor’s Guide was produced by David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew. Moses Znaimer is Executive Producer.