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Travelers takes on its first mission

Time travel sci-fi series are my jam, and Travelers has been one heck of a pleasant surprise. Readers of this site know I was heartbroken when Continuum ended; thankfully, Travelers has sufficiently filled that hole.

Part of that is because Travelers‘ creator, Brad Wright, has built a world we can relate to. Our own. Rather than set the series in another galaxy or future time it’s set today and has brought people from another era back to us by transferring their consciousness into bodies of folks who are about to die. That makes everyone immediately relatable. And while the travellers’ task is to change things in the present to ensure a future, there is room for humour through these folks encountering 2016 technology, food and social mores.

After setting up the show’s premise in last week’s debut, Grant (Eric McCormack), Marcy (MacKenzie Porter), Carly (Nesta Cooper), Trevor (Jared Paul Abrahamson) and Philip (Reilly Dolman) are off on their first task. But Monday’s first mission, “Protocol 6,” isn’t without its flaws, and the team learns not succeeding can have deadly consequences.

Here are some non-spoilery hints to get you ready for tonight:


A veteran sci-fi actress checks in
We’ve been fans of Kyra Zagorsky since Season 1 of Helix—and she was great in the last season of Continuum—so it’s fantastic to see her on Travelers, and it appears she may have more than a guest-starring role. She plays Dr. Delaney, a scientist who has created an object Grant and his team need to get. Problem is, another group wants the same item and both battle to get it.

Trevor is quickly becoming a favourite
Maybe it’s because we know something about his character McCormack swore us to secrecy about—it’ll be revealed in a few more weeks—but Trevor’s wide-eyed innocence about walks in the park, clean air and sunshine have got us appreciating our lives just a little bit more. He also provides some humour when things get dark and dangerous.

Not everything in 2016 is great
Just ask Grant, who has a very funny reaction to a certain beverage.

Grant and Carly are an item
At least their future selves are. Aside from a glib comment about age, we’re not given any insight into their relationship other than they seem to be keeping it a secret from everyone else. That makes sense; this is a military team and not high schoolers on a field trip. The fact Grant has a wife in this time period certainly complicates things. He’s there on a mission, but he’s also human and has emotions. And those are piqued by Kathryn (Leah Cairns).

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Corus.