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TV Eh B Cs podcast 65 — Exploring the Frontier with Lisa Rose Snow

Image by Brent McCombs

Lisa Rose Snow is an award-winning filmmaker and performer who was raised by the ocean and now resides in Toronto. Since graduating from the Canadian Film Centre’s Writers’ Lab and participating in the Reykjavik Film Festival’s Talent Lab, she has been busy working in television writing rooms on Frontier (Netflix), Ten Days in the Valley (ABC) and Little Dog (CBC). Snow is currently co-writing an episode of The Stone Diaries which is in development with HalFire Entertainment, and working on developing two of her own series – Tongues and Over Easy.

In 2013, Snow won a Wave Award during WIFT Atlantic’s ‘Women Making Waves Conference’, the first time this award has ever been given to an emerging artist. She’s passionate about championing women and underrepresented voices on screen, and has been honoured to mentor under Sherry White, Tassie Cameron, Michelle Lovretta and Thom Fitzgerald.

Note: ABC announced Ten Days in the Valley will air Sunday nights this fall. Check out the trailer.

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