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Media Headquarters announces greenlight of daring wilderness expedition series ‘The Brigade’

From a media release:

Media Headquarters announces a greenlight for THE BRIGADE, a groundbreaking new expedition competition series produced for Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks (World Fishing Network, Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel). Thrill-seeking and adventure-loving men and women from across the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to apply at thebrigadetv.com for their chance to join the ultimate trek and win prize money up to $1 million. THE BRIGADE is slated to debut in spring 2019.

THE BRIGADE will retrace an epic 2,600-mile fur trade route that links waterways from the coast of Oregon, traversing through two states, four Canadian provinces, two mountain ranges and five river systems before ending at the icy shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba. Originally called “The York Factory Express,” it’s a thrilling and dangerous paddling odyssey unlike any other. THE BRIGADE must work together to navigate fierce whitewater, portage over mountains, and fish and hunt for sustenance all without fuel or GPS. There are no eliminations. Instead the competition relies on the collective strengths of its cast to hang on against all odds. Those who complete the expedition have the chance to share prize money up to $1 million.

THE BRIGADE is a once-in-a-lifetime expedition. Adventurers who have expedition experience, strong paddling skills, a multitude of outdoor abilities, and also possess willpower, strength and determination, should apply at thebrigadetv.com. Casting is now open through to May 15, 2018.