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In the news: Fall schedule day-by-day

Rob Salem of the Toronto Star gives the lineup of new and returning shows this fall, with blurbs from Jim Bawden about Canadian content relegated to its own little listing ghetto within:


In the news: Adam Beach of Moose TV

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • Role model and proud of it
    “Are there any similarities between the Law & Order: SVU set and the Moose TV set? ‘Oh, man,’ Beach said with a laugh. ‘Moose TV is very independent, low budget. Law & Order: SVU is like a big massive movie production. One’s a comedy, one’s a drama, but what I like about both of them is that they’re shattering the image of Hollywood Indians.'”

In the news: Moose TV review

Vinay Menon of the Toronto Star isn’t impressed with the new Showcase show:

  • Moose served with cheese
    “Look, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I don’t get something I should be getting. Maybe you’ll love Moose TV. But this is the truth: I didn’t laugh once during this comedy. Part of the reason I’m so confused by my own confusion has to do with the talent behind the project.”