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Canada In Development: Spun Out with Bell Media

Next on our Canada In Development roster is Spun Out, a multi-cam, half hour sitcom from the minds of Jeff Biederman, Brian K. Roberts and Brent Piaskoski. In development with CTV and the Comedy Network, Spun Out follows a writer who falls victim to a disastrous PR scandal and lands a job at the PR firm that worked to salvage his career from the rubble.  The unofficial logline is “To err is human, to spin divine.”

The series is being produced by Andrew Barnsley with Project 10 and currently has a pilot script as well as four episodes written.  Right now they are awaiting the decisionthat will take them either to pilot, production or back to the drawing board.

Brent Piaskoski says:  “We are looking to be a show that you can put on after an American sitcom like The Big Bang Theory.  The plan is to tape it in front of a live studio audience, so it is comedy-heavy and more theatrical than your standard single-cam comedy.  If I was to compare it to any workplace comedy I would have to say NewsRadio.”

Decisions on Spun Out should be made by mid-April.

If you have a project in development with a Canadian broadcaster or production company, let TV, eh? know.