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Review: Project Runway Canada – the Post-It note episode

smallFrom Myles McNutt at Cultural Learnings:

  • Project Runway Canada Season 2 – “Episode Seven”
    “There is a point in this week’s episode where I was reminded about what makes Project Runway Canada a really interesting counterpoint to its American predecessor. In the critiques for the challenge, which involves making dresses out of post-it notes for breast cancer survivors, Shawn Hewson stands up for one of the dresses which is labeled as a costume. He throws his hands up in the air as the other judges start throwing around the term as some sort of slight, and points out that they’re asking designers to make a dress out of post-it notes, and that there is a necessary elements of costuming entering into this challenge. They were given a cheesy word of inspiration, a primary material which comes in loud and obnoxious colours…could they really be surprised to get costumes?” Read more.

Photo: Shawn Hewson, Judge


In the news: Project Runway Dress struts into stores

From Amy Verner of the Globe and Mail:

    “The second season of Project Runway Canada is still five episodes from the finale, but designer Jessica Biffi has already come away a winner. A limited edition of the asymmetrical pistachio green jersey dress she created during Tuesday night’s show is now available at select Winners locations across the country.” Read more.

In the news: Q&A with Project Runway Canada’s Jeff MacKinnon

From Kat Angus of Canwest News Service:

  • Q&A with Project Runway Canada’s eliminated designer Jeff MacKinnon
    “Once again, Jeff MacKinnon struggled with the strict time constraints of the challenge; for his final garment, the 41-year-old Torontonian had to fake some decorative hand stitching by using a marker. MacKinnon initially didn’t reveal this to the judges, but finally came clean when confronted by the other designers. But it wouldn’t have made a difference – hand stitching or no, the judges were not impressed, and MacKinnon was eliminated from the competition.” Read more.



Review: Project Runway Canada episode 6

smallFrom Myles McNutt at Cultural Learnings:

  • Project Runway Canada – Episode 6
    “But this doesn’t mean that this week’s hackjob, where only three contestants really get anything close to praise from the judges, is in the hands of the producers: this was quite honestly the most clear challenge that we’ve had in the show’s run so far. A spring dress, made for commercial outlets, that goes from day to night – they’re buzzwords that these people should be able to work with, and yet again people just go around ignoring them all over the place. And this is the kind of challenge where you show that you can do the most simple basic tasks…and if they’re failing here, what does it say about their future.” Read more.

Photo: Judges Shawn Hewson & Rita Silvan