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Link: Brandon Jay McLaren Chats ‘Slasher’

From Melissa Girimonte of The Televixen:

Brandon Jay McLaren Chats ‘Slasher’
“We come back and the murders start happening again. It’s almost like a copycat situation. The story gets huge, and [since] I’m journalist and run the town paper, it turns into a conflict of interest because these murders are taking my career to another level. I’m getting all this exposure now because I’m covering the stories happening in my town. They’re also tearing the town apart, and my wife is affected by them, so it’s interesting.” Continue reading.


Slideshow: First look at Slasher episode images

With less than a month left before Slasher debuts in Canada, Super Channel has unleashed episode images from the first two instalments.

As previously announced, the eight-part drama series was created by Aaron Martin (Degrassi). Filmed in and around Sudbury and Parry Sound, Ont., Katie McGrath (Merlin) stars as Sarah Bennett, a young woman who returns to the small town where she was born, only to find herself the centrepiece in a series of horrifying copycat murders based on the widely known, grisly killings of her parents. As the murders escalate, long-buried secrets are revealed, making everyone around her a suspect … or a victim. Sarah finds herself questioning everything and everyone around her, including her husband, Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren, Graceland), her grandmother Brenda Merritt (Wendy Crewson, Saving Hope), family friend Cam Henry (Steve Byers, The Man in the High Castle) and the town’s police chief, Iain Vaughn (Dean McDermott, CSI).

Slasher debuts Friday, April 1, at 9 p.m. ET on Super Channel.


Link: A conversation with Slasher creator Aaron Martin

From Melissa Girimonte of The Televixen.com:

A conversation with Slasher creator Aaron Martin
“It’s like Broadchurch meets a slasher movie. There are a bunch of mysteries going on in Waterbury. The town’s a bit weird. Everyone has a secret, so they’re all dying because they’ve done something bad according to the executioner and his warped moral view. Everybody who dies has a reason for being killed. They’re not just killed indiscriminately.” Continue reading.


Link: Take Five: Creator-showrunner Aaron Martin on Slasher

From Andrew Greene of Promaxbda.org:

Take Five: Creator-showrunner Aaron Martin on Slasher
On Friday, Chiller unveils its first original scripted series, Slasher, a horror anthology that will feature a new killer every season. Season one stars Dracula’s Katie McGrath as a woman returning to the same house and small town where her parents were brutally murdered when she was just a baby. Things don’t go smoothly. Continue reading. 


Link: Slasher delivers a good old-fashioned murder mystery

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Slasher delivers a good old-fashioned murder mystery
“I purposely avoided watching both Scream and Scream Queens because I didn’t want to be influenced by them and make sure Slasher was it’s own thing. I would say the show, in terms of format, that I was most influenced by is American Horror Story because every year is going to be its own story and an anthology with a beginning, middle and end like they do. In an ideal world I then bring back some of the same actors like they do.” Continue reading.