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Review: Tears and tequila on The Bachelor Canada

After last week’s drama in The Bachelor Canada mansion–Kaylynn’s tears and jealousy–it was time for a change of scenery and what better place to let your hair down than in Los Cabos, Mexico? Things started off happily enough, with the remaining ladies all excited to be basking in the sun, reclining near the ocean and imbibing all things alcoholic before Tim put a damper on the end of the week by announcing four women–not two as originally announced–would be going home.

Everything started off sunny, with Lisa scoring the first one-on-one date with a horrifying, gut-twisting affair involving a contraption that swung she and Tim out into space. (The gals left behind complained Lisa wasn’t his type, but how is he supposed to know that unless he goes on a date with her??) A shared near-death experience led to a lip-lock between the two and a rose handoff over dinner as the sun set.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Kaylynn tried to make nice with Martha over her actions at the cocktail party, an ill-advised move that just led to more crying and bully talk from the emotional ballerina.

A four-girl group date tested everyone’s dance moves in front of a Mariachi band, with the best dancer nabbing a one-on-one dinner with Tim. After a public performance that celebrated the cheesiness of the situation–and The Bachelor Canada–Tim chose Sachelle, she of two left feet, as his date. Sachelle revealed over dinner that she’d been cheated on twice and Tim had that happen once before, and the two shared a smooch.

Kaylynn once again jeopardized her spot on the show by heading over to Tim’s room when she learned she was the only person who wasn’t getting some date time with him. Instead of blowing her off, Tim listened to what she had to say and remarked he was frustrated with the speed of the show. Ugh. Tim threw a wrench in production by, rather than having a beach volleyball match with six girls, decided to just hang out with everyone. Natalie (who I chose to be around for the finale) decided to put all her cards on the table by explaining she may come off as a nice girl, but she can be bad too. It was a desperation move, and I worried it would scare Tim off. Speaking of being scared, April Brockman broke down in tears and went off by herself, which caused Tim to head over to chat with her and eventually he carried her into the ocean.

“I need to spend time with people that there’s a connection with next week and I don’t feel like I can do that with this many people here.” Tim’s bombshell announcement caught everyone off guard and Trish was sure she’d be one of those leaving. She needn’t have worried; she along with Kaylynn, Sachelle, April Brockman, Natalie (YES!), Dominique and Rileigh all received roses. Martha, April Borgnetta, Jenny and Christine were eliminated from the competition.

Next week the group heads to the Bahamas, where it looks like Lisa shows her claws.

The Bachelor Canada airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on City.