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Heartland: Adam, awkwardness and announcements

Well, I certainly didn’t see the breakup between Georgie and Adam coming at the end of last week’s episode, did you? I mean, I knew he was the jealous type, but I never suspected she’d decide to walk away from the relationship. It will be interesting to see, as this season winds down, if that will stick or they’ll reunite. Adam will have a lot of growing up to do if that’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, heading into Sunday’s episode, “Written in the Stars,” we’re scratching our heads over why Mallory really came back to Canada. Jake riding up in the final moments added a twist we weren’t expecting. Here’s what CBC says about Sunday’s storylines written by Mark Haroun:

Jake’s unexpected arrival at Heartland forces Mallory to admit to Amy and Jack the real reason she came back to Heartland.

And here’s what we can tease after watching a screener:

Mallory explains
The episode begins with Mallory and Jake discussing the circumstances surrounding their experiences overseas. It’s intense and touching, and made even more so by some stellar camera work. The duo make a surprising decision about next steps.

Scott needs a haircut
That’s not part of the story, just an observation. No, Scott’s got a cutting horse named Tab that needs tending to and naturally calls on Amy for help … but it’s Georgie who solves a problem.

A special dinner
There have been plenty of folks given a spot at Heartland’s dinner table, and new faces are added on Sunday. Some of my favourite scenes are filmed around that table and this is particularly noteworthy.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


Comments and queries for the week of February 17

Could you please explain [in Pure‘s season finale] why when Noah returned from Mexico did he hug his wife, send the kid into the church and walk away? Wasn’t saving the boy more than enough to overcome his religious beliefs? Why didn’t his wife stop him as she vowed to stick by him at all costs? Please let me know. —Bob

Great question and one that I asked myself. The fact that Noah was standing there in the rain signified, for me anyway, that he was being cleansed of all sin and could enter the church. I’m thinking that while others might feel that way—his wife included—he still felt unclean and had gone too far over his own line to be able to enter the church.

Here’s how Ryan Robbins, the actor who played Noah, interpreted the scene. This is just what Ryan’s take on it is: “Noah promised his son he wouldn’t miss the baptism. But I don’t think he felt worthy of entering the sacred place after what he’d done. His wife coming out was likely a surprise to him. He’s going to need to find forgiveness from God and be able to forgive himself, if that’s even possible. The children were all still in the church. Perhaps Anna didn’t want to leave them, especially on such a special day. Side note, did you notice he was wearing Bronco’s clothes?”

The [Heartland] storyline on all fronts is unrealistic. Ty gone, Lou is in and out, Lisa gone most of the time. The two kids are being parented by grandpa and aunt. Is the show coming to a gradual halt? —Brenda

I started watching the show because of Amy and the horses. As a lifelong horsewoman, I know that Amy is the real deal. Then I fell in love with Ty, and the Amy and Ty love story. I’ve watched every episode and am very disappointed in this season. Ty Borden would never leave his pregnant wife, the very idea is ridiculous. He has a job and a pregnant wife and he leaves for months … no. Just no. If Amy wasn’t pregnant, and I wish she wasn’t because I want to see her ride and train, then I could see Ty leaving for a while, but it really sucks this season. Very disappointed, stupid storyline. —Hunter

Just started watching this year. We love the show. Amazing scenery. Entertaining story line. Nice to hear Canadian cities mentioned. Very refreshing. Hope it continues for many more years. —Joe


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Link: Chatting with Heartland’s Jade

From Carol Hansson of Horse Canada:

Link: Chatting with Heartland’s Jade
“When I first came on the show Jade was 16, and just so lost, and had a lot of anger, and confusion about herself and just, no real path. And now in season 10, I mean she is by no means perfect or even close to it, but she has goals, she has a place where she really thrives and belongs (the rodeo), and she has at least one real friend (Georgie).” Continue reading. 


Link: Mallory is back: Actress Jessica Amlee reprises role on Calgary-shot Heartland in two-episode arc

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: Mallory is back: Actress Jessica Amlee reprises role on Calgary-shot Heartland in two-episode arc
“They kept me away from people because they wanted it to be a secret leading to the surprise. I hope that they’re happy I’m back, not ‘Oh no, Mallory’s back. Not this again.’ I hope the audience receives me well because I think the scripts are written really well and I think they’ll like it. I’m excited for the surprise.” Continue reading.


Heartland: Mallory, miscommunication and mistrust

Last week’s episode of Heartland was an emotional one thanks to the horse barn fire and the struggles everyone went through as a result. According to the pictures, “Home Sweet Home”—written by Bonnie Fairweather and directed by Gail Harvey—promised to be more fun. Lou is back! Mallory stops in! Amy’s baby shower!

Here’s what CBC revealed with regard to the episode synopsis:

When an unexpected guest arrives at Heartland, Amy and Jack question the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy. Then, a confession by Adam leads Georgie to make a difficult decision. And Jack is caught in the middle when Lou and Lisa both buy the same gift for Amy’s baby shower.

Here’s what else we can tell you after watching a screener of the instalment:

Lou is back!
Yup, after weeks away in New York City, Lou was back on the ranch. She’s been pretty busy, and not just with expanding Maggie’s. She’s been chatting on the phone and texting a certain man while in The Big Apple. (Hope she got a good deal on her cell plan.) But is what Lou wants and he wants the same thing, or is she headed for heartbreak?

Mallory returns!
Yup, after 63 episodes—CBC has been keeping count—Jessica Amlee drops by Heartland and immediately creates a stir. As the episode description teases, the surprise visit may not be all good news. Or is it? Also: it takes just 12 minutes for Mallory to create a stir between Georgie and the always-sensitive Adam.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.