First elimination on Canada’s Next Top Model

A media release from Citytv:

Mika from Toronto is the First Girl Eliminated From “Canada’s Next Top Model”

  • Episode Two Airs Wednesday, June 6th at 8:00pm on Citytv

Mika, a travel representative from Toronto, became the first girl eliminated on “Canada’s Next Top Model”, reducing the pool from ten girls to nine.

In the first episode, the finalists meet Host Jay Manuel who begins the competition with a shocking revelation…the final 10 is actually the final 20! The girls must go before a casting panel which includes Jay, Creative Director Nolé Marin and Runway Coach Stacey McKenzie. After the 20 girls show off their best runway walk and try to convince the panel they are ready to be Canada’s Next Top Model, Jay sends 10 heartbroken girls home on the very first day. He congratulates the 10 left standing and declares “the competition has begun!”

The girls are brought to the glamorous model house. Everyone seems to be getting along with the exception of Mika, who has chosen to distance herself from the others. The following day at their first photo shoot, Nolé introduces the girls to Photographer Paul Alexander and brings in some dreamy male co-stars, which they quickly find out they must pose nude with! While the girls are in shock that they will be nude at their first shoot, they realize they must be professional and leave a good impression.

First up is Cori, who looks stunning, but doesn’t display enough emotion. Jacqueline looks like Nicole Kidman and Nolé notes that Gina needs to work on taking direction. Tara looks like a true professional and although Rebecca’s look is very high fashion, she still needs some fine tuning. Nolé admits Tia is hard to direct and Mika looks a little too comfortable. Mo is plagued with positioning problems and Sinead is shaking throughout the shoot, but manages to stay focused. Overall, Nolé notices their inexperience but recognizes their willingness to learn.

During the first elimination, Jay introduces the girls to the judging panel. “FT-FashionTelevision’s” Jeanne Beker, Supermodel Yasmin Warsame and someone they already know, Photographer Paul Alexander. The judges are impressed with Cori’s dynamic pose, Tara’s transformation on film and Sinead’s end result. They are less impressed with Mo’s facial expression, Mika and Rebecca’s positioning, Gina’s stiffness and Steff’s very harsh, ‘manly’ expression.

Finally, it comes down to Steff and Mika. The judges decide to say goodbye to Mika, who admits her shot was not the best.

Next week, it’s makeover time! Episode Two of “Canada’s Next Top Model” airs Wednesday, June 6th at 8:00pm on Citytv.

Canada’s Next Top Model will walk away with a $100,000 beauty contract from P&G Beauty, a modelling contract with top agency, Sutherland Models and be featured in an editorial spread in FASHION Magazine.

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  1. I think this cycle is going to be really exciting and I’m cheering for Jacqueline all the way. girlfriend is GORGEOUS!!! Steff should have gone home instead of Mika, but in all honesty Regine, Lacey and Meghan should have been in the top 10 instead of Mika, Steff and Tia.

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