In the news: Triple Sensation

Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail talks to Garth Drabinsky about his new reality show:

  • Garth Drabinsky’s latest really big adventure
    “Triple Sensation – aimed at performers aged 16 to 26 – will run on CBC this fall for three nights in the coveted 8-to-10 Sunday-evening time slot. The winner will take home a $150,000 Indigo-Chapters Books-sponsored scholarship that can be used for any theatrical training institution in the world (pending acceptance).”

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  1. its funny, the Globe and Mail has a big article about this, and there were about 10 criticisms of Garth Drabinsky in the comments section. (someone even called him Darth Grabinsky). All of a sudden, all of the comments were deleted.
    Did Garth threaten the Globe and Mail to remove the criticism of him and his show?

    Its disgusting what guys like that can get away with.

  2. This is the Globe and Mail article – it’s also here. Like you said, there’s no comments now, and comments are closed – I’m guessing they didn’t meet the Globe’s “intelligent discourse” guideline.

  3. It seems possible that since it was a puff-piece done about Garth Drabinsky, that he or his legal counsel threatened the Globe to make them close the comments, and censor and delete all of them.
    The comments there were no different than those on any other article at the Globe.

    The guy thinks he is some kind of God, and he just can’t take any deserving criticism.

    There are some extremely nasty and ugly people in this world, and those are often the same folks that “somehow” seem to get pliable newspaper writers to write puff-pieces about them.

  4. by the way, the comments at the Globe were very astute. Instead of deleting the worst of them, they got them all censored. They don’t want to wreck the promotional purpose of the story with the facts, it seems.

  5. It’s absolutely possible. I didn’t see the comments, so I’m just suggesting an alternate theory based on how common it is to see comment threads devolve. But it looks bad to simply delete all comments and close the thread instead of instituting moderation.

  6. I thought this would be a reality series, it’s only goin to air for 3 nights. good thing i didnt auditions for this.

  7. his court trial is still in the works. meanwhile, look at what this program is trying to do to help promote the performing arts in Canada. it’s an amazing project. i’m in the performing arts. it’s time to celebrate something good in this country — what are you doing to help?

  8. Well, Garth Drabinsky KILLED the performing arts in Toronto and elsewhere. Garth has NOTHING to do with the Performing Arts, its all about HIM HIM HIM. Ask anyone who ever worked for him.

    Its great that CBC has shows like this, but why involve Garth Drabinsky? He is literally a fugitive from US justice, and is accused by our own justice system of very serious charges.

    Why taint these people with him?
    Get Garth Drabinsky out of the performing arts forever.

    People like that are parasites. Most folks have no idea of what they do to people.

    Sure, have a show about real performers, and have REAL judges on the show, like artistic directors, and other professionals.

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