No elimination is the surprise on Canada’s Next Top Model

A Shocking Elimination Round As No One Is Eliminated From Tonight’s Episode Of “Canada’s Next Top Model”

  • Five Girls Still Remain
  • Episode Seven Airs Wednesday, July 11th at 8:00pm on Citytv

Some girls have all the luck! In a shocking elimination, no one was sent home from tonight’s episode of “Canada’s Next Top Model”, leaving five girls – Sinead, Tara, Tia, Rebecca and Cori – still vying for the title.

In Episode Six, the girls meet Jay at Sutherland Models who explains this week’s go-see challenge will be done in pairs. Drawing sticks, Tara and Cori and Tia and Sinead pair up, leaving Rebecca to go it alone. They’re given maps and sent on their way to meet with potential clients. Cori and Tara don’t really get along, but they manage to make it to all of their appointments. Tia and Sinead only have mild disagreements and they miss one. Rebecca, who mistakenly thinks she has to go in a certain order, misses two. When they all arrive back at the agency, Jay reveals that although Rebecca was the girl most highly-rated by the designers, because she missed two appointments, Cori is the winner.

At the next day’s photo shoot, the girls get star-struck when Nolé introduces them to “America’s Next Top Model” Judge/Photographer Nigel Barker. Their job this week: sell a mobile phone in a Bond Girl themed shoot, while in lingerie and holding onto a great dame! With the combination of the famous photographer and holding the heavy dogs, the girls have their work cut out for them. First up is Tia who impresses both Nolé and Nigel. Sinead is back to her fine form and does the same. Rebecca listens to direction and takes control of the situation to produce a great film. Unfortunately Tara is a mess, all over the place and she can’t seem to follow direction. Cori seems just too lost to capture anything substantial. Nigel is most disappointed with her.

At elimination, Nigel and the judging panel love Tia’s photo, but warn her to be careful about opening her mouth too wide. Tara isn’t as lucky, as they think she has the look, but not the presence. Sinead comes across as very confident in her photos, but no one seems to believe she thinks she can be a “Top Model”. Cori’s shot is good, but Nigel warns her about her overly expressive eyes. Rebecca impresses all of the judges, especially Nigel, who deems it the best of the day. In the end, Tia and Tara are left standing before Jay, but ultimately the judges give both a second chance.

Next Week … the girls are put to the test in the ultimate live “pose off” that many shoppers will never forget!

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Canada’s Next Top Model will walk away with a $100,000 beauty contract from P&G Beauty, a modelling contract with top agency Sutherland Models and an editorial spread in FASHION Magazine.

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