MVP, The Border sinking in ratings

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • MVP Needs Performance Enhancement
    “CBC’s sexy new hockey wives drama is simply not scoring with viewers. MVP’s second Tuesday outing netted just 221,000 viewers, down from last Tuesday and down from the sorry numbers in its original Friday night timeslot. … The numbers are also starting to tilt the wrong way on Monday nights for another new CBC drama, The Border, down to 494,000 this week, despite an incredibly timely episode about illegal organ harvesting. … The new CBC reality show The Week The Women Went drew 687,000 the same night, remarkable when you consider it has now officially become THE DULLEST TV SHOW EVER MADE. … Global’s The Guard held steady at 538,000 Tuesday.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “MVP, The Border sinking in ratings”

  1. I have to say that i would be disappointed if this got cancelled. I am very impressed with the show (and i dont watch TV) so far and even though i can’t watch it on Tuesday nights never miss an episode on the web. The chracters are well thought out and have so much depth, that we havent seen the half of things yet. I wait with anticipation every Tuesday night. For this show to air, don’t miss it and make me have to talk to my wife again

  2. I was disappointed to learn recently that MVP was cancelled. My wife and I tuned in each week to follow it. I sent CBC my views on their cancelling this show.
    They did this a few years back to “Blue Murder” also. Some good shows take a while to gain a following.
    Hopefully some cable channel may take up the cause as Canada’s tv channel, supported by Canadians, has deserted the show!

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