Majority Rules in production

From a media release:


MR Full Cast 01Recently acquired by global entertainment content producer and distributor Entertainment One (E1), Blueprint Entertainment is proud to announce the start of production on 26 half-hour episodes of the Teletoon original live-action/animated tween comedy series, MAJORITY RULES (formerly GO GIRL). E1’s global film and television distributor Oasis International will handle the worldwide rights for series, which started production on Monday, January 12th and will feature a lively and eclectic mix of animation and visual collage techniques.

She’s fifteen, she’s into extreme-everything and she’s just been elected mayor of her hometown, Mayfield. Meet Becky Richards. She’s not your average teenage girl – but why would anyone want to be average? Running for mayor is one thing, but running your own life on your own terms? That takes real guts. MAJORITY RULES revolves around the life of Becky played by Tracy Spiridakos (The Secret Lives of Second Wives), as her world gets turned upside down when she tries to balance friends, family, high school, relationships and politics.

Executive producers John Morayniss (Testees, Hung) and Frank Saperstein (Ren & Stimpy, Bob and Margaret) of Entertainment One’s Television Group are joined by line producer Chris Danton (Prayers for Bobby, Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story), production designer Rupert Lazarus (The Jane Show, Top of the Food Chain), creative producer Greg Lawrence (House Party, Kevin Spencer) and Steve Wright (Iggy Arbuckle, Braceface) and Myra Fried (Iggy Arbuckle, Braceface) as executive story editors.

“We are thrilled and excited to be moving forward with production on Majority Rules with wonderful scripts and a fantastic cast and crew” said Executive Producer Frank Saperstein, E1. “This series will continue to reinforce our strong relationship with Teletoon as they break ground and respond to their audience’s request for unique programming.”

“Teletoon demonstrates its continued commitment to developing new forms of animated entertainment with Majority Rules, a new tween comedy that dares kids to dream big,” said Michael Goldsmith, director Original Content, Teletoon. “We are excited to bring our fans a new show with a new look that proves animation can thrive on screen with live action actors.”

Animated and graphic components for the series are provided by Spin Entertainment, which will be interwoven throughout each episode as a visual soundtrack. As an organic outgrowth of the comedy series, a strong online and web component will be available offering a portal where teens and tweens are encouraged to have their voices heard and make a difference in their own communities.


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  1. Heeey ! = )
    saame here i would like to see more of the cast info
    on this episode!!!!
    annnnd OMG Dalmar Abuzeid!!<3 is there my faaaaaaaav character from Degrassi: The Next Generation!!!!!!!!
    [yaaaya!!] .

  2. The character of the dad I know is played by the well known
    Canadian actor Rob Stewart. His agent says he is working on this series now so how come we don’t hear more about it.

    There is still no mention of the cast members or when it will be released
    or if this will be seen global like in the USA as well as Canada.

  3. OMG wesley morgan is a sexy beast
    i’m pretty sure he did abercrombie and hollister, i looked him up AHHH
    SO hot :) so excited for the show
    ya teletoon

  4. WarrenZevon do you have anymore trailers etc. on Majority Rules would love to see them.

    Also would like more information on the cast and crew there is still nothing and when this show is airing. Hopefully it will be aired Global so people here in the USA can see it too.

  5. Someone told me this series is already released on the Disney Channel can anyone confirm this. I cannot find it on this channel at all, but I’m not sure of the day and time it’s on or the actual Disney Station. I have Direct-TV Stellite so if anyone can help I would appreciate it. My kids saw the trailer of this show and loved it and would like to see it.

  6. It will be airing on teletoon(channel 45) in Canada for september. should be on around 7:30 or 8:00pm. In regards to showing in America, so far there is just rumour about it being picked up to air on nickelodeon or disney

  7. I have seen the trailer. It looks good. Can’t wait to have more info. on this show.

  8. I can tell you that they have been filming what I assume are exterior shots at my sister’s school In Hamilton, Ontario for the past two or three weeks now. The three girls were filming scenes all day today out front of the school.

  9. 3 lead girls are really hot. Names are Tracey Spiradakos, Jennie Raven and Sasha Clements. They were filming all around Hamilton in May. Trailer is really cool. Rumor has it that Shiloh is doing the music.

  10. I got the information about the show being released on the Disney Channel (USA)
    in Jan. 2010 from a source who knows someone working on this series.

    I still would like to see more cast listed and the actual release dates in Canada and
    the USA.

    From the two trailers released it looks like a good show.

  11. This was filmed at my school so me and my friends met some of them they came out during recess

  12. Canadian air time is september 10th thursdays at 8pm

    guys names are:

    Dalmar Abuzeid – as Jarmin

    Madison Cassaday – as Mo

    Wesley Morgan – as Jack Braddock

  13. I hope polygamy is legal because I soooooooooo want to marry those guys. haha:)
    major hotties!!!

  14. Hello,
    Once again a show taking place in Canada is just refered to as Canada its a very big country. So why not at least name the place its taking place and not just Canada. If it took place in the states they would name the state so why not name a province.

  15. In on of the previews with Dalmar Abuzeid(Jarmin) & Madison Cassaday(Mo), they showed a scene where they opened Becky’s Locker.
    Inside, there was Moxie Girl Sticker.
    Could this be an advertisement that they think some viewers are too dumb to notice?
    Well, it was pretty easy for me to notice.

    & even if some of us did see it, it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t think about why it was there. We’re not just going to ignore it& go out and suddenly buy some dolls from the Moxie brand..

    I guess this explains why there are suddenly so many of these “Moxie girl” commercials shown on Teletoon now.

  16. Wesley Morgan is soooo hot in the Campus Crew adds right now. This guy is gorgeous. I can hardly wait to see him in Majority Rules. Makes me wanna…………………………………………shop!!!LOL

  17. Wesley Morgan’s pics are up at Hollister and Campus Crew right now!
    He’s so gorgeous! check them out!
    Loved the show! I think it’s going to be a hit series! :D
    The girls are so cute too!! YAY

  18. LOL i cant wait untill this comes out. I KNOW ALEXANDER FRANKS. I dont even know what part he does in the show but whatever i know a star!!! GO ALEX!!!!!!

  19. I was one of the background actors on the show. The cast was all really friendly to us, and super talented. It was cool to watch.

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