2 thoughts on “In the news: NBC silences The Listener”

  1. While I would expect CTV to continue airing The Listener in Canada, this is not good news for Canadian programs gaining access to the U.S. broadcast networks. With CBS delaying the broadcast of the second half of its Season 2 until some unknown time in the future, and with The Bridge and Copper not airing until mid-2010, I fear the momentum gained from Flashpoint’s initial success may be slipping away.

    The other interesting thing to see is whether a second season of The Listener is produced. Since the show has done well in Canada and Europe, and since NBC-Universal wasn’t part of the production (the way CBS TV Studios is with Flashpoint), I hope NBC’s cancellation won’t prevent another cycle of episodes.

  2. I don’t think CTV should continue airing the Listener either. It’s an awful show. I tried to watch it…3 weeks in a row and every week it’s the same thing…I get bored and turn it off.

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