Updated: Canadian TV on iTunes

Canadian shows currently on iTunes:


Air FarceAir Farce

Being Erica Being Erica

The Border The Border

Chilly BeachChilly Beach

Corner Gas Corner Gas

Degrassi: The Next Generation Degrassi: TNG

Dragons' DenDragons’ Den

Flashpoint Flashpoint

Heartland Heartland

Instant StarInstant Star


The Jon Dore Television ShowThe Jon Dore Television Show

Life's a ZooLife’s a Zoo

Little Mosque On the Prairie Little Mosque on the Prairie

The Listener The Listener

No Opportunity WastedNo Opportunity Wasted

Odd Job Jack Odd Job Jack

Rick Mercer Report Rick Mercer

Robson Arms Robson Arms

Sophie Sophie

Stargate AtlantisStargate Atlantis

Stargate SG-1Stargate SG-1

Stargate UniverseStargate Universe


This Hour Has 22 Minutes This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Total Drama ActionTotal Drama Action

Total Drama Island Total Drama Island

The TudorsThe Tudors

The Week the Women WentThe Week The Women Went

Wild Roses Wild Roses


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  1. Are these links all affiliate links (you get money if we use them)? If so, it might be wise to disclose that. Not just to be fair but to also let people have a way to support the site.

  2. When will Durham County Season 1 be available on iTunes? I tried looking up the DVD on Amazon and there is no release date there. Have only recently heard about this show just saw the first episode last night at the New York Television Film Festival. (Also got to hear from the writers and producers about the origin and creative aspects of the show – very riveting discussion!!) I really enjoyed it, but I think Ion is already several weeks into the season. I don’t want to miss an episode or two out of a short 6-episode season! Cheers!

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