In the news: Flashpoint returns Sept. 25 with 19 Gemini nominations

Flashpoint_S1_fFrom Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • This year’s Geminis have plenty of Flash
    ” Proving it’s no Flashpoint in the pan, the CTV cop series Flashpoint has racked up a record 19 Gemini Award nominations. And even more importantly for Flashpoint, CTV — expressing confidence that the series now is a bona fide Canadian hit, regardless of the vague plans for the show on U.S. network CBS — will begin airing more new episodes of Flashpoint on Sept. 25.” Read more.


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One thought on “In the news: Flashpoint returns Sept. 25 with 19 Gemini nominations”

  1. CBS should wise up and pick up Flashpoint. It has a great story line and outstanding actors. This program could be another great series as Law and Order and Criminal Mind.

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