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From Gwen Cook:

I am writing to sing the praises of my favorite Canadian TV show, Flashpoint. From episode 1, I felt that Flashpoint was amazingly well written, directed, and acted. So many of these episodes have touched my heart. My mother has cancer, and we have talked at length about what her wishes are when the time gets near. Last Dance had me grappling with the concept of death with dignity for the terminally ill vs. the letter of the law for assisted suicides. The show Perfect Storm, which is about school bullying, reminded me that as a teacher, I need to be ever so diligent to make sure these kinds of things never happen in my school.

This show also humanizes the police, SWAT teams, and those in authority to the general public. It shows the business side of their jobs, but also the toll it takes on their conscience and their private lives. So many “cop” shows display the action, the drama, the thrill; but they do not show the side of how the officers feel when the job is over. The episode Haunting the Barn is the perfect example of how Flashpoint does that! It showed us how performing their job, day in and day out, has a cost on the spirit and the souls of those who perform that task. And it showed us what a tight knit group those people are, for they are really the only ones who truly understand the emotions each one of them has to deal with. They can’t bring that kind of horror home and share it with their family. If they did, it would destroy them all.

Flashpoint also does something that no other show I have watched does, it shows how quickly and easily a normal day can turn into the worst day of your life, and that there are people out there trained to help get you down off that ledge and help you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that you couldn’t see because of the events that lead you to that moment. Flashpoint shows us the humanity in a sometimes inhumane world.


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  1. I’m just using an available Flashpoint image to illustrate a story that has nothing to do with the DVD so yeah, I don’t really care, sorry!

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