TV, eh? podcast episode 4: Enrico Colantoni of Flashpoint plus The Movie Network/Movie Central/HBO Canada schedules

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Anthony and I mock Global’s upcoming show Canada Sings, the producers of The Bridge for thinking CBS is still on board, Degrassi ratings information, and each other. I praise The Movie Network/Movie Central/HBO Canada and Call Me Fitz but we mock their “terrible branding problem” and the vagueness of The Yard‘s premise.

We don’t mock Flashpoint but discuss the season three premiere, and I talk to Enrico Colantoni about his role as Greg Parker and how Flashpoint is a great example of Canadian storytelling. As we say during the podcast, the interview doesn’t have great sound quality and strict spoilerphobes should beware.

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  • Canada Sings – I am excited at how much Anthony is going to hate this Glee-like reality show, even if I’m not excited about the show itself
  • The Bridge is cancelled on CBS, despite what the producers want to believe
  • Flashpoint season 3 premieres August 6
  • Degrassi is doing well. I think. If I’m parsing the media release correctly.
  • Haven and The Pillars of The Earth are in our rotation
  • The Movie Network/Movie Central/HBO Canada schedule
  • Enrico Colantoni is a very cool dude
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  1. I’m one of the two people who watched The Bridge on CBS here in the States, and the only thing I can say is “I’m so glad Canada and the U.S. share dvd regions, so I can get the dvd when it comes out!” Great interview with Enrico Colantoni—Flashpoint is my favorite show!

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