TV, eh? podcast episode 10: Waking in a Bad Gemini Dream

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Anna Silk, the “sexy succubus” of Lost Girl, is this week’s special guest, talking about her new Showcase series and her return appearance on the upcoming season three of CBC’s Being Erica.

Anthony and I are exhausted just looking at the list of Gemini nominees (there are eleventy billion, as the wise Bill Brioux says) and I’m exasperated by the demonstration, yet again, of how little the Canadian TV industry thinks about their audience. (I was wrong in that nominees who are voting members of the Academy get one free ticket to the gala.)

Shattered‘s premiere ratings were better than I expected and worse than I hoped. Translation: they were pretty bad.

Before I call Anthony a jerk, we close the show with our favourite 10 Canadian shows, in honour of the Geminis inviting Canadians to vote on their faves of the last 25 years, and Toronto Life compiling their own top 10.

Spoiler alert!

Anthony’s Top 10
(in no particular order except the first 2)

  • Hockey Night in Canada
  • SCTV
  • Slings and Arrows
  • Kids in the Hall
  • King of Kensington
  • Hilarious House of Frightenstein
  • The Friendly Giant
  • Hammy Hamster
  • The New Music
  • The Red Fisher Show

Diane’s Top 10

(in no particular order except the first 1)

  • Slings and Arrows
  • Intelligence
  • The Newsroom
  • Durham County
  • Twitch City
  • Call Me Fitz (yeah, I know, pre-air – call me crazy)
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Made in Canada
  • Rick Mercer Report
  • Some years of This Hour Has 22 Minutes

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4 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 10: Waking in a Bad Gemini Dream”

  1. Here is my 2 cents while staying within the rules. (9-way tie for #2)

    1. Beachcombers
    2. Davinci’s Inquest
    2. Kids in the Hall
    2. Seeing Things
    2. North of 60
    2. This is Wonderland
    2. The Newsroom
    2. Degrassi High
    2. Mr. Dressup
    2. Due South

    1. Lost Girl kicks major @ss…. if you check out the fan base for this show you might be pleasantly surprised…. We love the show and Love Anna Silk and her cast mates! We want you to know how much we love the show and that we are VERY loyal fans!!! Also, we are extremely PROUD that this show is Canadian!!!!

  2. The list endless as well for the French Canadian version of Gemini, Les Gémaux. They are near nominate the best Cafeteria cooker and best in-house toilet cleaner. Even the worst of the worst can be nominated in one or two categories.

    You know why? because Canadian (Quebec included) tv industry is ruled by Subsidy (subvention) and Civil Service.

  3. Currently downloading the podcast, can’t wait to listen when I have the time. J’adore Anna Silk.

    But just thought I’d mention that Slings and Arrows is on my list of shows to watch. I got it for my dad (I fondly refer to him as “Shakespeare’s biggest fanboy”) for Christmas some years back, but he hasn’t gotten around to watching it yet. Now that I’m living with him again while looking for work, we’ve (hopefully) got some time to do so. (But after we see Memento. I’ve seen it already, but it was a few years ago in my Intro to Film class and I am trying to convince Dad to watch it with me since he loved Inception when he saw it with me.)

    Very glad to have found this blog! Tis a good thing Torrance Coombs retweeted your tweet about interviewing him next week! (P.S. You should ask him about jPod aka the show that kick-started my Canadian show loving ways in recent years, in addition to The Tudors.)

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