Ksenia Solo of Lost Girl should be the lead

smallFrom Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • ‘Lost Girl’ based on real folklore
    “Ksenia Solo says one of the best things about Lost Girl is that it could be real. What? With all those creatures? Good lord, we hope not. To be fair, Solo merely is pointing out that Lost Girl – a new Canadian fantasy series that debuts Sunday, Sept. 12 on Showcase – has its roots in existing folklore.” Read more.
  • Anna Silk not ‘Lost’ in pilot
    “Make no mistake, Silk is hot. But she is a ‘woman’ in every positive way, not a ‘girl.’ And we’re not just being nit-picky about the title. Bo does not really come across as ‘lost,’ per se. She may have queries about her origin, but she is a powerful, protective, take-charge creature, right from the opening sequence.” Read more.