TV, eh? podcast episode 12: Dragon’s Claws to the Max

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If Anthony is right and you people like a cranky Diane, you’re going to LOVE this podcast. I’d just been stood up by a Dragon and you’ll hear me roar about that.

We have two interviews, though, and I was perfectly nice to our guests. (It helps that they were prerecorded.) First up is Max Morrow, the star of Family Channel’s new Connor Undercover and a music aficionado. The show airs Fridays.

Our other guest is Sheri Elwood, creator of Call Me Fitz – one of my favourite Canadian shows ever, which airs Sundays on HBO Canada.

Mixed in there, Anthony and I chat about the new fall season (yes, including US shows), our thoughts on Lost Girl and Call Me Fitz, and the Murdoch Mysteries sale to China.

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