Lost Girl renewed for season 2

From a media release:


  • Hit series is the number one scripted drama on all specialties in Canada

Showcase is pleased to announce the second season pick up of the channel’s number one series, Lost Girl. The supernatural Canadian drama is set to begin production this spring and will hit the airwaves in Fall 2011.

Since its smashing debut to almost 700,000 (2+) Canadians in September 2010, Lost Girl continues to be a stellar performer for Showcase, as it continues to attract over 700,000 viewers weekly. The series currently ranks as the number one series on the channel for Adults 25-54, bringing in close to 400,000 viewers (A 25-54) each week. It also currently ranks as the number one scripted series for Adults 25-54 across all specialty channels.

Season one of Lost Girl introduced viewers to Bo (Anna Silk: Being Erica; Billable Hours), a girl who learns she is a succubus, a creature from the world of Fae, who live among humans. Bo refuses to choose an allegiance to either the Dark or Light Fae clans. Her independence proves problematic for both sides, threatening to topple an age old system. She embarks on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origin.

Season two will challenge Bo’s resolve to stay free and force her to question her own morals and beliefs. While Bo grows stronger and learns more about who she really is, relationships will be tested, passions will ignite, but answers will not come easily. Throughout it all, Bo will remain true to herself, loyal to those she trusts and continue to forge a path of her own in a dangerous world. Ksenia Solo (Life Unexpected; Renegadepress.com ) will return as Bo’s human confidante Kenzi and Kris Holden-Reid (Ben Hur, The Bridge; The Tudors) as homicide detective Dyson.

Lost Girl was developed by Prodigy Pictures, in association with Shaw Media and Showcase.


49 thoughts on “Lost Girl renewed for season 2”

  1. That’s great to hear/read.

    “Lost Girl” is one of my favourite new shows of this season, and most definitely my favourite new Canadian show. Nanaimo bars for everyone!

  2. Congrats to a fabulous show – definitely deserving of another season. Now, if we can get season one on DVD I’ll be a happy bunny….

  3. I LOVE this show. It’s not only my favourite canadian show but as my favourite show over all! lol And also as Sue has asked WILL Zoie Palmer be returning as Lauren? cause I personally really like the two of them together. :)

  4. So proud of this show! Different, unique, and addictive! I’m so hooked. I’m glad that we get to see this tv show continue. I’m grateful too to have watched the whole season 1 even though I am here in the Philippines… EXCITING! SEASON 2!!!

  5. Can I ask question? I totally love this show; however, when will it start season 2. I’m so looking forward to it. Also, is Dyson really goin to forget his love for Bo??

    1. Sam – it’s a TV show (which I happen to LOVE) …..there are other shows which are much worse – ie Game of Thrones HBO)…just turn the channel!!!!

  6. Wow, could the women be anymore beautiful in the show. Its also fun to watch, but its kinda like baywatch, the volume doesn’t have to be that high. Good luck for season 2.

  7. Love love love this show can’t wait to see season 2 I love everyting about the ppl in lost girl I just want to met them all best wish to everyone in life !

  8. Awesome. I love this show I am so tired all all the CSI shows it is a nice change. I really hope we don’t have to wait until fall 2011 to see what happened to Dyson. Kenzie is my favourite though.

  9. I love this show so much kenzie is just amazing. All of you who asked it will be back in fall and of course trick will be back he is the blood king remember? :D

  10. Lost Girl has been a great surprise. So happy it’s returning for a second season. Completely bummed to hear I’m gonna have to wait until the fall schedule though. Love all the characters, so well written. The acting is wonderful … it’s just a great blend of storytelling. :)

  11. I love this is show, very happy to hear it is coming back, just to bad we have to wait so long for it to start back up. By far one of the best new shows this year!

  12. I started watching Lost Girl about 2 months ago and I really like it. My husband thinks it’s kinda dumb but I don’t. I think Bo and her room mate are so cute and that is part of the reason I watch. It’s kind of neat the way she can suck life out of people. I wish I could do that to a few people but not in a good way, LOL

  13. I absolutely love this series,am here in Kenya n i cant wait 4 season 2…Please Hurry to release it.

  14. I love the Lost Girl, glad to here there is a second season. I’ll be looking for the torrent upload…

  15. Can’t wait for the fall! … I’m not a night owl, but stayed up late for this show. Even my husgand and daughter’s are addicted.

  16. glad to see there is a second seaseon! I tought the secind season will come on march 21 and hit the down to fall??

    Anway they should put more dark fae.
    too much ROMANCE!

  17. i love this show the best thing in a long time…can’t wait for season 2 and there is no show without lauren

  18. OMG! Started the series and can’t wait for second season! Much thanks to all involved with the show, you are amazing and talented!

  19. This is by far the greatest show i have ever watched, and i really hope it will have a second season followed by a lot more!!

  20. just started watching this, its AWESOME!. i totally love kenzi, and am i the only one who would rather Bo being with Lauren than dyson.

  21. Yeah! Season Two is coming!!! Apart from Being Human (North American Version) Lost Girl is the best of it’s genre on TV right now. Good times, even if what’s his name still looks a bit too much like Chris Martin for me…

  22. I love this show!!!!! So well written, it’s funny sexy and just a wonderful show, I wish they had it in the US!!! I can’t wait to watch season 2!!!!!! Congratulations to the writers and all the wonderful actors!!!!!!! BRAVO

  23. Wow! Can’t wait for season 2!!! I’m so excited about that.Kenzi is just adorable <33 I love her but I want her to has a boyfriend… ((:

  24. Heather Here in the US and I LOVE this show!! i have to search it online it would be great if u aired it on U.S. TV!! Hurry up with season two already

  25. I was introduced to Lost Girl by a friend. I am totally hooked on the series!! I have introduced it to other friends and they all think Lost Girl rocks!! We are all eagerly waiting for season 2.

  26. OMG! i read all the comments and someone said too much romance? That’s crazy, that’s one of the reasons i watch it i find i’m so hooked on Dyson and Bo together, there amazing they love each other you can tell, but i’m not quite sure what will happen in the second season considering what happened in the end, i really don’t want Dyson to forget about Bo, that would almost ruin the whole show! i love this show I’ve been waiting months for the new season to come!

  27. I really hope Lauren is in season 2 (she’s my favourite character). Bo and her MUST be together, they made an awesome couple! And of course, i hope that ass*hole of Dyson really forgets Bo.

  28. I absolutely love this show! Just found out about it, watch it and love it! It rocks! It is the best by far!

  29. At this point, I can’t really say I want either of them to end up with Bo. They both lied to her. Yes, it was to protect her and because they love her but when they realized how they felt, they should have come clean. Both Dyson and Lauren. I know there has been a lot of posts already about the relationships in S2 and how Bo fleshes them out and becomes more intense with both Dyson and Lauren, so I can’t wait for that. I do hope that as the show progresses, they cause a situation were she will need to choose or at least begin to decide. Either way, I am fan, I love the show and can’t wait to see more!

  30. this show is very intresting and it makes you wonder whats NEXT. i love this show! im glad e they continued the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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