TV, eh? podcast episode 21: CanCon Yule Logs

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Anthony and Diane start with a tribute to the amazing career of Leslie Nielsen. Then it’s a recap CBC’s revised winter schedule, which moves Republic of Doyle out of the way of the World Junior Hockey Championships but not 18 to Life, Little Mosque on the Prairie, or Village on a Diet. CBC’s holiday specials include many of their scripted shows but their PR as usual conspicuously avoids mention of 22 Minutes, who have been pumping out newsworthy and well-watched episodes lately. We mock the holiday schedule of CTV for being more a collection of stuff they’re throwing on the air.

Anthony rants about MuchMusic’s thwarted desire to play homeopathic levels of music videos, and also about the comparatively high cost of content in Canada. Diane pretends to listen, as usual.

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