TV, eh? podcast episode 50 – Marco and Wild’s First Fight

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1-800-GOT-JUNK team captain Erin RaimondoCanada Sings premieres August 10 on Global, and contestant Erin Raimondo — team captain for 1-800-GOT-JUNK — joins us for an interview, in which she doesn’t tell Diane who won the competition. Dammit.

But first, Anthony and Diane ramble and fight about various topics, including Flashpoint returning Friday and The Yard (aka “Kiddie Sopranos“) premiering Friday, Haven coming back July 18 (check out Anthony’s interview with Emily Rose here), rumours of Russell Crowe visiting Republic of Doyle while he’s folk festing with another Doyle, Diane wondering just how Canadian the writing staff of Combat Hospital is, and the idea of Google buying Hulu and possibly entering the Canadian market causing Canadian broadcasters to quake … more than usual, that is.

Also? Our second fight will be about the order of our last names in this podcast title.

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