New tonight: Heartland, Wrath of Grapes, Lost Girl, Less Than Kind, Million Dollar Neighbourhood, Canada’s Got Talent

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Heartland, CBC – “Breaking Down and Building Up”
When tragedy strikes Amy must find a way to save Mr. Hanley’s rescue horses from kill buyers.

Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II, CBC
The continuation of an iconoclastic and extraordinary career as Don Cherry moves on and becomes a legendary hockey broadcaster.

Lost Girl, Showcase – “Fae-nted Love”
Kenzi and Trick must race to save Bo from the fallout of a steamy night gone awry before it binds the Succubus for a millennium. In its wake, Bo poses very uncomfortable questions to Trick about her origins. Written by Shelley Scarrow, directed by Michael DeCarlo.

Less Than Kind, HBO Canada – “Jerk Chicken”
Sheldon hosts the victory celebration for the wrestling team and Tina becomes his girlfriend. Josh is forced into being a reluctant chaperone by a frightened Anne. Danny and Miriam crash the party.

Million Dollar Neighbourhood, OWN Canada – “The Kids Are Alright”
While kids control family spending, look for savings in their parents’ budgets and land part-time jobs, the adults start up a free child care service and protect their families’ futures by refinancing their mortgages with the help of Jessi Johnston and his team.

Canada’s Got Talent, Citytv – Series premiere
We start the search for Canada’s talent in Toronto. Meet our host and judges as the show kicks off it’s cross Canada tour.

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