Make your recommendations for the TV Ehwards

If there’s one thing TV, eh? podcast hosts Anthony Marco and Diane Wild can agree on, it’s that the Gemini Awards don’t have enough categories. So to fill the gaps, we (well, mostly Anthony … well, completely Anthony) came up with this list of categories for the TV Ehwards. Make your recommendations before March 19 either by leaving a comment or filling out the survey.

Some of the categories are self-explanatory, while others may need some Anthony-to-English translation:

Best Actor Who We Thought We’d Never See Again After His Last Show

You know. That guy.

Best Actress Who Was In That Made-for-TV Movie With That Guy

You know. Her.

Best Attempt at Trying to Be “Hollywood”

Show or person – you choose.

Best Trying Hard to Be A Generic American City

So many current shows to choose from.

Best Attempt at Trying to Look Canadian

The opposite of the former category.

Best Use of an Animal or Imaginary Character

Pretty self-explanatory, I’d say.

Most 80s Sounding Theme Song

A current or recent show, that is. 80s shows are ineligible.

Show That You Think Of Most When Described As DaVinci’s Inquest Meets King of Kensington

As we hear so often.

The Show You Stopped Watching But Promise You’re Gonna Get Around To Watching Again Soon

A category inspired by Diane’s sporadic TV-watching habits.

The Show I’m Afraid is Going To Go On Too Long

You liked it, but will it overstay its welcome (a rare feat in current Canadian TV)?

The Fawning All Over You News or Variety (Male and Female categories)

As in, the celebrity people fawn all over.

The Show That Would Best Benefit from Being a Porn

“All of them” is not an option. Maybe.

The Show That Jumped the Beaver

No sharks here in Canada.

Best Attempt to Bury a Canadian Show

“All of them” could be an option.

Best Doomed To Not Be Renewed

As in you really, really want it to be but really, really fear it has no shot.


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