TV, eh? podcast episode 88 – “And The Ehward Goes To …”


Anthony and Diane announce the winners of the TV Ehwards and chat about the Junos, Strombo’s Vancouver trip, Arctic Air’s record season, and the CBC budget cuts.

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Diane Wild

Diane is the founder of TV, eh? She loves books, movies, TV, science, space, traveling, theatre, art, cats, and drinking multiple beverages at the same time.
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One thought on “TV, eh? podcast episode 88 – “And The Ehward Goes To …””

  1. Can you put up the winners? Also, I know you have an interest in APTN. Can someone explain the series “Health Nutz”? There is something unconstructed about the plots and I think it might be intentional. Almost like sketch comedy. Anyway, the first two eps are available online, and APTN is the *only* CDN network I know of that allows online streaming to the U.S. Seems it has been renewed for a second season.

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