WGC Nominee Michael MacLennan on Flashpoint’s “The Better Man”


Leading up to the Writers Guild of Canada awards on April 23, TV, eh? will be posting a series of interviews with some of nominees. Michael MacLennan was nominated in the TV Drama category for the “The Better Man” episode of Flashpoint (one of four Flashpoint nominations in the category).

Can you describe the episode “The Better Man” and how it fit into the Flashpoint season?

The episode takes place on the night of a “rolling raid,” a city-wide drug bust that forces Team One to take down a kingpin with unexpected connections to an undercover cop. One thing that makes it special is that the mission forces the team to wrestle with their own secret, which ultimately results in this being the last mission of Wordy, one of the team’s beloved members.

What about this episode are you particularly proud of?

I really like how the episode structures two differing notions of what it is to be a “good cop,” how loyalty to a team or a mission can be compromised by personal agendas, however noble. And ultimately, how the different choices of Wordy and guest-star Naimeth result in markedly different fates.

What does this recognition mean to you?

To be recognized by one’s peers like this, based on the writing alone, it’s a wonderful thrill. This is my sixth nomination and it always sends my heart racing. This year I feel there are many more promising nominations than mine, so I’m looking forward to just seeing friends at the ceremony, and celebrating this wonderful time in Canadian television.

And finally (imagine my best Joan Rivers impression): what will you be wearing to the ceremony?

Wow, do I have to decide now? I haven’t even begun to short-list my stylist! Hm, in the spirit of fun, I might wear these patchwork pants I bought in Paris a few years back. That sounds horribly 80s but I think they’re pretty cool. Although what do I know — I spend half my life writing in sweatshirts and old stretched sweaters!


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