TV, eh? podcast episode 90 – “It’s Good To Go Over The Top”

Anthony and Diane chat about the Canadian TV news of the week:

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3 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 90 – “It’s Good To Go Over The Top””

  1. Great show (as always). Just a few quick points:

    – Diane is a cat lady. ;D

    – Anthony, if you’re at 100 episodes of a podcast, you shouldn’t approach the PR folk asking for talent to be on the show – you should present them with the opportunity to join in on the fun, and be part of something big.

    You guys have EARNED that.

    Oh, btw – if you can ask the appropriate folks on my behalf – Why did they call the show BOMB GIRLS and not BOMB SHELLS?

  2. A few points:

    – I would deny it, but who am I kidding?
    – Agreed, and I think we can round up some usual suspects who would do it … despite Anthony’s presence.
    – Groan. But also HA.

    1. Well, if you would just quit licking your paws… er, hands in public that would go a long way toward dispelling the perception. ;D

      Offer them the opportunity to go after Anthony on air – who could turn THAT down? ;D

      And finally, BOMBSHELLS is more appropriate – the women in the show all look great, they build bombshells for the war effort, and they’re always trying to dodge bombshells going off in their personal lives… The marketing guy in me is “just saying…”

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