New tonight: Flashpoint, The Nature of Things, Anger in America

Flashpoint, CTV – “Sons of the Father”

Team One responds to the abduction of Peggi Walsh (Gemini Award-nominee Sarah Manninen, MURDOCH MYSTERIES), a young nurse who has been taken by a man at knifepoint (Chad Donella, SMALLVILLE). With time running out, the Team finds the killer’s brother (Gemini Award-nominee Andrew Francis, VOLTRON FORCE) and must convince him to unlock the secret of his tragic family past to save Peggi’s life.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “The Buffalo Wolves”
The predator-prey relationship between the buffalo and the wolf still exists in Wood Buffalo National Park, the only location left on the planet. Canadian wildlife filmmaker Jeff Turner who once followed the wolves returns once again to see if he can get closer to these ancient warriors.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Anger in America”
A two part series which looks at one of the driving forces in the lead up to the presidential elections. The series will take you behind the money, the politics, and into the lives of those who feel their America is disappearing. Episode 1 – “Between Fear and Anger” – Doc Zone goes across the country to meet those Americans who have lost so much, and find out who they blame. Behind the scenes with leaders of the Tea Party movement, and Occupy who are fighting for their vision of America. In this US election year a portrait of ANGER IN AMERICA.