New tonight: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “High Steaks”
In the wake of the biggest beef recall in Canadian history, new questions are emerging about how our meat is handled. Is the steak you buy as safe as you think? In this week’s episode of MARKETPLACE, Tom Harrington puts beef to the test, and reveals what you’re not being told. MARKETPLACE takes a sharp look at a little-known industry practice which could affect what you eat. Meat tenderizing makes many steaks and roasts tender, but critics say it can also make beef more susceptible to bacterial contamination. Experts say it should be cooked to 71°C to kill all the bacteria, equivalent to medium-well. But regulators don’t require tenderized meat to be labelled, so you can’t tell if you’re buying tenderized meat. Would you want to know?

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Lost In The Struggle: The Next Chapter”
The summer of 2012 will be recorded as one of the bloodiest in Toronto’s history. However, it was seven years ago, during the so-called summer of the gun, that the fifth estate began working on a story about kids from tough neighbourhoods who get into trouble and see no way out. That story took Gillian Findlay to three young men in Toronto’s storied—some say notorious—Jane and Finch neighbourhood. For almost a year, the fifth estate followed them, capturing the reality of their lives in the ‘hood. On Friday, Oct. 26 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT), on CBC-TV, Findlay takes us back to Jane and Finch, to find out what became of those young men. Three different personalities. Three different sets of challenges. And seven years later, three very different outcomes.