New tonight: Flashpoint, The Nature of Things, Doc Zone


Flashpoint, CTV – “Below the Surface”
A bomb tears through a quiet suburban neighbourhood and Team One believes it’s just the first blast in a war between rival biker gangs. As the Team races to defuse a second bomb, Parker (Enrico Colantoni) discovers that the life of a young informant (Jonathan Keltz, ENTOURAGE) is hanging in the balance.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Babies: Born To Be Good?”
Psychologists have made breakthroughs in our understanding of what babies might be thinking, and what they could possibly know about justice, helping, honesty, and fairness. Even before they learn to talk!

Doc Zone, CBC – “Fanning the Flames”
As the most expensive election campaign in history comes down to the wire in a bitterly-divided America, Doc Zone looks at the media, the money and the political manoeuvring behind the Anger in America.