New tonight: Flashpoint, Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Liquidator, Match Game

Flashpoint, CTV – “A World of Their Own”
Team One is on the trail of Cole Berkley (Andrew Walker, Lawman), a desperate man who kidnaps a prominent politician in a last-ditch effort to save his land. Struggling to connect with Cole, the Team discovers he’s risking his life for his deaf nephew (Connor Price, Good Luck Chuck) who’s scarred by a traumatic past. But when the team learns that Cole himself is being used, Team One faces an explosive situation, with the life of Cole’s nephew hanging in the balance.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “The Norse: An Arctic Mystery”
An intrepid Arctic archaeologist is on the verge of proving that the first meeting between Europeans and North Americans happened centuries before Christopher Columbus. There are the tantalizing bits of evidence, like the Norse ship station in Newfoundland. But nothing has been found there or anywhere else to suggest that Arctic peoples and the Norse met face to face a thousand years ago. Until now.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Tales From KP”
Stories of some of the most carefully guarded secrets of Kingston Penitentiary with some of the most unlikely characters —on both sides of the law!

The Liquidator, OLN – “No Rest for the Wicked”
After reaching his breaking point, Jeff reluctantly lets his family take him on a brief vacation to help him de-stress from work. Will the vacation stop him from making deals?

Match Game, Comedy
Holy BLANK! It’s D. L. Hughley (D.L. HUGHLEY BREAKS THE NEWS), Steve Smith (THE RED GREEN SHOW), Sabrina Jalees (COMEDY NOW!), and Laura Cilevitz (VIDEO ON TRIAL) on the panel!