Friday: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate, Borealis, Match Game


Marketplace, CBC
Tom Harrington investigates who is behind those annoying telemarketing calls.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Imperfect Spy”
Canadian naval intelligence officer Jeffrey Delisle and his secret life as a Russian Spy.

Borealis, Space – TV movie
BOREALIS, set approximately 30 years in the future, tells the story of a DEADWOOD-like frontier town situated in the high Arctic. It explores the political, environmental and social impact of a world in which the polar icecaps have melted and countries are vying for the last vestiges of oil in the Arctic. The ensemble cast features Ty Olsson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and 2, Battlestar Galactica) as Vic, an ultimate fighter turned entrepreneur who now owns Borealis’s airstrip, hotel and bar, does his best to keep the peace; Michelle Harrison (Eureka) as Alison, a misanthropic environmental guerrilla blogger; Patrick Gallagher (True Blood) as Taq, a techno-handy Inuit local trying to make the best of a bad situation; Christine Horne (Republic of Doyle) as Svetlana, a mysterious and powerful international diplomat whose allegiance is unclear; Greyston Holt (Durham County) as Dan, a seemingly-friendly post-doc from Berkley who may know more than he lets on; Cristina Rosato (Lost Girl) as Bettina, the town’s only prostitute; Bryan Dick (Being Human) as Clive, a British rig worker whose shifting alliances get him into trouble; Mayko Nguyen (Rookie Blue) as Hoshi, the Canadian Secretary of Northern Initiatives, who tries to keep Vic in line and maintain order from her post in Ottawa; Paulino Nunes (Alphas) as Anton, who is determined to lay claim to the Arctic lands and resources for the Russian empire, by any means necessary; and Karan Oberoi (The Listener) as Ramindar, a Canadian Forces sergeant frustrated with his lack of power in the lawless international free zone.

Match Game, Comedy
Kevin McDonald (KIDS IN THE HALL), Scott Thompson (KIDS IN THE HALL), Eddie Della Siepe (VIDEO ON TRIAL), and Leah Miller (Host of E!) heat up the studio for another round of fill-in-the-blanks.