Admin note: Email subscriptions to TV, eh? posts


Since this site started, readers have been able to subscribe to posts in a daily email digest powered by Google’s Feedburner. The upside? All TV, eh? posts come to your inbox in one handy package. The downside? There is no control over the delivery time, so a morning email contained all posts from the previous day, kindly letting you know what shows you could have watched the night before.

Now there’s another option that will send you an email as soon as a new post is published. See it over there in the right hand sidebar under “Subscribe to posts by email”? OK, you won’t if you’re reading this post in an email, but visit and enter your email in the box if you’re interested in subscribing.

The upside? All TV, eh? posts come to your inbox as they are posted, meaning you’ll know on Monday morning what shows are new Monday evening. The downside? Each post will come as an individual email, so consider your inbox accordingly. (TV, eh? posts 1 to ~4 times per day on average.) This new solution is powered by Jetpack and they do plan to offer a daily or weekly digest option but it’s not available yet. I’ll let you know when it is.

While the Feedburner daily email will continue for those who prefer it, this new solution is the one I’ll be publicizing from now on. Both options offer an easy unsubscribe option in the body of every email.