Carrie-Lynn Neales – Seed’s Rose Blooms


“We have so much more to explore, plus I’ll have delivered the baby.” That’s how Carrie-Lynn Neales, who plays Rose on the Canadian comedy Seed, feels about the opportunity to continue for another season. “Renewal is still up in the air, but we have a great fan base and the audience is growing, so everyone is pretty hopeful.”

Although this is Neales’ first time as a regular on a TV show, her two years spent with the Classical Theatre Project has taught her how to breakdown a script and really find the rhythm of her character’s words. She talked about how great writing is the first step in that process and that Seed has great writing: “All the characters have richness.”

Neales also raved about the cast. In fact, as she walked away from her audition with Adam Korson, who plays Harry, she said it struck her how fun it had been. Not the usual audition experience at all.

“I was surprised at how quickly and how well all the cast members connected. At the first table read, Amanda Brugel, who plays Michelle, had me in stitches.”

Neales says she knows her experience is rare. “Everyone in the cast and the crew are amazing and offer great support to really play. It’s a fun set, which is important because the days are long – 12 to 14 hours.”

Neales said her character Rose had impeccable instincts, but is very guarded. If she was going to offer Rose any advice as she embarks on motherhood it would be to trust her instincts and enjoy every moment. Neales says that she and Rose are frighteningly similar.

As for shooting on location in Halifax, she found the people there lovely. Her brother obtained his Masters at Dalhousie University so she had previously spent some time there. The long days didn’t leave a lot of free time to enjoy the local music and arts scene. However, she did find a favourite coffee spot near her hotel, where she consumed too many cups of coffee as she poured over her scripts. Neales hopes to return to the comfort of that coffee spot and the opportunity to play again with the cast of Seed for another season.

Seed airs Mondays on City.

By Ann MacDonald


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