New Tuesday: Saving Hope, Panic Button, XIII, Chef’s Domain


Saving Hope, CTV – “Little Piggies”
It’s a week of defying the odds at Hope Zion Hospital. Alex (Erica Durance) must learn to stick up for herself and not be intimidated by Dawn (Michelle Nolden) in order to work alongside her and perform a minimally invasive heart procedure to save a patient’s life. Meanwhile, Joel (Daniel Gillies) unlocks a mystery to a young girl’s disease, while getting some advice from Charlie (Michael Shanks), who is trying to figure out how to help his comatose patient come back from being a spirit.

Panic Button, Space – “Turn Out the Lights” season finale
In the season finale of Space original reality series PANIC BUTTON, five subjects face their deepest fears. Students Sabrina and Brian face their fear of germs and torture while Sal, a manager, is confronted with his fear of spiders. Restaurant manager Faith is challenged by her fear of being eaten alive, and civil litigator Cecilia tries to survive her terror of confinement. Will they make it to the end, or will they hit their panic button?

XIII, Showcase – “Battlezone” season finale
With the Chinese HEARPE weapon now fully operational, the safety of the world is at stake. XIII, Betty and Barnabis try to destroy HEARPE while XIII.2 attempts to unleash its destructive force – a terrifying array of natural disasters – on the United States. But only one man will triumph and only one man will survive. Making his last stand in the bunker, Carrington contemplates extreme measures.

The Chef’s Domain, Discovery World – series premiere
In the first episode, premiering on July 2 at 8 p.m. EST, Chef Jeremy Charles and sommelier Jeremy Bonia, owners of the award-winning restaurant Raymonds, raise the gastronomic bar in St. John’s, NL. To celebrate the restaurant’s two-year anniversary, the charming duo hunt for fresh game meat, hit the coastal waters for scallops and forage for mushrooms to create a blowout spread. Airing immediately after at 8:30 p.m., the second episode follows Okanagan Chefs Dana Ewart and Cameron Smith of Joy Road Catering as they throw a feast for the local growers and suppliers who have made their company a success. Undaunted by the challenge, the chefs source all but a few ingredients hailing from within a 25-mile radius.