Yukon Gold begins production on season 2


From a media release:

Yukon Gold, HISTORY’s number one Canadian documentary series of 2013, begins production on season two this month. Produced by Paperny Entertainment, Yukon Gold is a Canadian original series tracking four mining crews on a modern day gold rush as they scour the harsh land of the midnight sun hoping to strike it rich. Season two of Yukon Gold is slated to premiere on HISTORY in spring 2014.

Season two of Yukon Gold returns to follow the up-and-down lives of the four viewer favourite gold mining crews from around Dawson City, Yukon – “Big” Al McGregor, Bernie Kreft, best friends Ken Foy and Guillaume Brodeur, and Karl Knutson. Remote film crews will be shooting from July until the season freeze-up in early October this year. The series is executive produced by David Paperny, Cal Schumiatcher and Audrey Mehler.


8 thoughts on “Yukon Gold begins production on season 2”

  1. I stumbled on this show by accident. What a fascinating show! There’s something primal about the lure of gold and this show captures it.

  2. this show is awesome, i just don’t understand why its coming out way after the other gold mining shows that it is clearly better than, gold rush and bering sea gold are cool shows don’t get me wrong but these boys dont have tons of drama like the americans, they are just kick ass canadians that get er done eh! frenchie is my favorite

  3. Cannt wait for the new season like this show better then gold rush or I should say get rid of todd then the gold rush show would be better I dont think todd or his dad could find there way out of a paper bag!!

  4. Yes, best gold show there is, and yes Gold Rush would be better if they moved Todd over to Duck Dynasty where he probably belongs!

  5. Greatest show of it’s type going. Can’t wait for the new season to begin. I even watch the reruns.

  6. I love this show so much, its amazing to watch the process,I just wish there were less commercials and more mining action, to watch.

  7. The timing of this show is just perfect. Bering Sea Gold is over, and Gold Rush only has 3 more shows … pick up more viewers looking for their gold fix!

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