TV, eh? podcast episode 145 – “Swathed in a Coveted Demographic”

Anthony and Diane chat about Mark McKinney’s goodbye to Less Than Kind, Enrico Colantoni starring in Remedy, Played premiering October 3 and Storage Wars Canada on August 29, Continuum renewed by Syfy now, Big Brother Canada’s casting call, Masterchef Canada’s auditions, My Pet’s Gone Viral premiering August 20, Canadian scifi making it big, and the Toronto Star axing its TV critic position.

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 145 – “Swathed in a Coveted Demographic””

  1. SyFy only purchased the US distribution rights to Continuum, they have no say in how it’s made whatsoever. The reason SyFy edits the show is because they require more commercial breaks, thus their shows are shorter. Also they have to adhere to stricter sensorship, recently blurring out nipples and bleeping curse words. I don’t think any of that is going to change. Showcase doesn’t seem to be relying on anyone else to get this made which I like. If they tried to cater to SyFy it would just turn into a kid friendly mess like warehouse 13 or something, yuck. If they were smart they would try to air the show at the same time as Showcase, but that’s their call. I’m excited for the season finale this sunday, best show on tv.

  2. Actually, Syfy (like a lot of the basic cable networks lately) is relaxing a bit on the swearing. I don’t know if they’re doing any bleeping in the 10:00pm hour, but catching a random episode of Lost Girl in the wee hours a few months ago, I noticed the language wasn’t being bleeped.

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