New tonight: Rookie Blue, Storage Wars Canada

Rookie Blue, Global – “Deception”
When a suspected pedophile is found beaten within an inch of his life, Andy discovers Marlo has been conducting a mania-fueled, off-hours “investigation” into the man for days. Andy and Swarek must scramble to cover for Marlo’s unprofessional conduct and find the real assailant before Marlo is exposed.

Storage Wars Canada, OLN – “Northern Lights, Northern Fights” series premiere
Six buyers and a veteran auctioneer travel to Aurora, ON, to begin their hunt for abandoned treasure in the series debut of Storage Wars Canada. Roy, “The Instigator,” spots a hidden gem while Rick and Cindy, “The Veterans,” uncover an item worth investigating. Later, Paul and Bogart, “The High Roller and The Kid,” battle against the buyers for a valuable locker while Ursula, “The Knockout,” quickly learns that there are no friends at the auction.