Canadian Pickers calls it quits

From a media release:


  • Final Episodes of Canadian Pickers Air on HISTORY in December
  • All-Day Marathon Leads into Final Two Episodes on Monday, December 23

Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens, the Canadian Pickers, have picked their way from coast to coast, buying and selling unique pieces of Canadian history. Over the course of 52 episodes across four seasons, the Pickers have revealed diverse aspects of Canada’s fascinating past through the objects they bought and the people they met. This December, HISTORY concludes the final season of Canadian Pickers with four new episodes, and a special all-day marathon leading into the final two episodes of the series.

The distinctively Canadian series highlights the regions, people, history and traditions that make the country exceptional. Over the course of the four seasons, the Pickers have met Henri Richard, buying pieces of the tavern formerly owned by the famed Montreal Canadian hockey player; challenged each other to drink the notorious Sour Toe Cocktail at the Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel; and picked items for the Western-themed country home of Canadian country music star George Canyon. Each episode has told a different story about Canada, bringing to light both the iconic Canadian legends that have made history, and the little-known but equally remarkable stories of the country’s past.

The final four episodes include a first-ever Canadian Pickers event, which sees Scott and Sheldon traveling to the United Kingdom in hopes of buying an iconic Wild West collection with a Canadian twist. On a trip to Nova Scotia, the guys visit the ultimate man cave and make a staggering offer for the entire collection. And in the final episode, a pick from season three is brought full circle, when Scott and Sheldon travel to Kamsack, Saskatchewan to return the long-lost hunting rifle of a First Nations Chief to the Coté First Nation.

The first of the final episodes air on December 2 and 16 at 8pm ET/PT, and on December 23, an all-day Canadian Pickers marathon leads into the final two episodes of the series at 8pm and 9pm ET/PT.

All four seasons of Canadian Pickers can be watched online at, along with interview clips and behind-the-scenes videos. Fans of the series can also visit to join the Pickers community and browse items up for auction.


135 thoughts on “Canadian Pickers calls it quits”

  1. Yes too bad I looked forward to watching them every week.maybe they will change there mind.Theres always american pickers!

  2. good riddance to this brutal show… at its best is was a pathetic attempt to imitate the far more successful and entertaining American Pickers. These two clowns were not funny or engaging in any way despite obvious attempts by the network to try make them appear to something that they were not . They came across as cheap ass bullies in their attempts to swindle people out of their possessions . They will not be missed !!!

    1. I totally agree..wanted to buy stuff for nothing..expecting 100% profit on everything.poor seller got screwed real good

      1. Again, don’t agree. The show was very honest in their dealings with the sellers – who always had a choice. It’s a TV show, after all.

        1. Have been watching from the UK and much, much prefer the Canadian pair to the cheating americans!!!!!

          1. Totally agree , the american guys were total scammers. The Canadian boys did it right.

        2. Had a 1968 BSA 650 in for repairs at Dannys motorcycle shop in hamilton on locke st, back in 1971 , where Al Simmons is now what a joke that was , just a bunch of speed freaks!,, never got nothin done but paid 100. For nothing , fu uk u cozens

      2. Well they are a business they need to make money I live in calgary they came to a yard sale trying to lowball me i saved no I will not sell they said you will never sell that for the price I was asking sold cheep cuts went to see there shop in Inglewood closed bad business men lol

    2. Don’t agree with you at all. Our Canadian Pickers have more personality and warmth than our American cousins! We will miss them.

      1. Yeah. Miss them like a cancer patient misses chemo. They had the personality of a snake and the warmth of a storm sewer ditch in December. What kind of drugs are you on? You should get together with Scott and Sheldon and start stealing from orphanages. Or do you already have that on your agenda?

    3. Right on. Cheap crooks. They would roll their eyes when given a price and then charge triple what they paid for it when they got it for what they wanted. If I ever meet either one of these guys I promise to kick them in the privates.

    4. agree 100% Now they can go back to their real jobs since they were never “pickers” to begin with

    5. scott & sheldon may not be very entertaining, besides snoozeathon
      (now those are people u should be hating on) there is’nt any other shows like it.also no one is making them sell their old stuff

  3. wow anonymous has an extreme attitude problem – i liked the show it was honest and entertaining

    1. Honest ??? I have a bridge I’d love to sell you. I don’t have any sort of problem except when some four flusher tries ripping off some innocent old person that is unaware of the value of what they have.

      1. Just seen an episode where they were in NS and after the pick they were selling everything they got for 4 times what they paid for it. Plus they do the insulting double takes when someone asks even 50 percent of what it is worth. Don’t like these guys at all. Need new hosts. Good riddance.

        1. I agree. Just seen this AM an episode where they were in PEI and after the pick they were charging 5 to 6 times what they paid for them! Like you state … Need new hosts. These guys are just professional thieves.

          1. OMG I just watched the same show! Thought I would check these guys out on the net. Love the old items but the hosts are true ripoff artists. Tripled their money on plates, anchors and furniture and then made 7 times their money on Ann of Green Gables mat. They make fun of the prices asked and then sell the goods for astronomical markups. Anyone that thinks these guys are honest needs a lombotimy. It is really sad to see thieves glamorized. Oh well. Love the show… Need new hosts though. I would not let these guys thru my door. The comment about seeing these guys in hell is certainly not an exaggeration!

  4. the show’s formula wasn’t in question…it was who they picked as the Mike/Frank of Canada…Sheldon wasn’t bad but Scott exemplified everything that’s wrong with trying to rip people off…for me his beady little eyes and always trying to rook someone (until they obviously told them to give some honest pricing to people to cultivate some good will with the viewers) was the main problem…bad casting, bad show unfortunately.

  5. I loved the show and preferred it over the American version. I found Scott and Sheldon honest and entertaining and really disappointed it was canned. Given that I watch it from Australia and it is sold to many countries overseas I would have thought it would be a nice money spinner for the production company.

  6. These American pickers copycats … Was in NO WAY funny or entertaining. These two buffoons were a terrible embarassment to all Canadians. The one with long stringy dirty hair…. and bald on top……. oh my god ….. a throwback from the 60’s…….I think “Scott”……. is the biggest joke in this show. If I hear the statement… ” remember…. we are not collectors…… we must leave room to make some money”…. one more time….. and I swear I will vomit. These two come across as insulting robbers. If they wish to make a profit….. they should stick to the obvious mark ups that they implement in their barn store in Calgary. They want to rip people off…by offering low prices….. but they look to make money on both ends. Poor negotiators….. and poor television personalities. It totally made my day when I heard they were gone,… not a minute too soon.

      1. I agree with Feb 24 Anon. I still watched because I loved the antiques not for the crooks in the show.

  7. Thank you shaw for removing these two crooks. I love watching what these two find but cringe when they rip decent people off. Scott is the worse. How dare people ask for a portion of what the item is worth. Its like an insult to Scott. He feels that he has the right to pay what he wants to pay and can call you stupid if you want a little money for your item.
    Sheldon is by no means innocent in this either. He trys to make him self as if he is a impartial 3rd party, saying things like” I think that is a pretty good offer. you should take that”. Trys to play the the joker. Anyway Im glad you two CLOWNS are gone.

  8. I was and still am a huge fan of the show. Looks like I’m heading too Calgary. Yeehaa

  9. Love them, by far better than us version, look forward to seeing last series here in uk!

  10. I guess some people hear don’t understand simple economics. You can’t pick very long if you pay full price for everything. You still need to eat, pay for gas and shelter. Meatballs.

    1. I lived and worked on farm all my life and we never made 100% profit on anything we sold..we were lucky to get 5% after paying for supplies,,machinery,gas,vet bills and we lived so why can’t these guys ?
      want to know economics? own a farm

      1. Sounds like you were selling yourself short. Oh The struggle. Farming like most occupations is optional. Don’t whine.

        1. Optional? Maybe all farmers should give it up and then you would starve..who would be whining then?

          1. On this side of the pond much prefer the Canadian pickers to the American but suppose you all would guess that anyways!

  11. I can’t believe anyone would choose these 2 idiots over their American counterparts, Their acting skills were brutal, and did not have a clue what some items were really worth. So glad the agony is ending.

  12. Good riddance. They are horrible negotiators. Scott is the most annoying. American Pickers have way more personality. Would be nice to see the show remain but with different pickers.

    1. I agree. They wanted to buy EVERYTHING wholesale and sell everything retail. But got upset if the sellers tried to do the same. Why can’t I sell my goods retail if they are too??? Scott was by far the worst but Sheldon was right there saying things like “That’s a good deal. You should take it.” Petty,common thieves.

  13. I enjoyed the show except for the last few. (I stopped watching)
    Some blonde and a guy that spent the entire time I watched cleaning one inch of a box. The next episode, I watched for 20 seconds. They had these two showing up at a site in a 2 seat antique car. (Definitely a picker car if I ever saw one)
    Not every show in this world needs a blonde or a guy to be the comic relief.

  14. There is one thing that I learned in life if I don’t like a show I just change the channel ,but with Canadian Pickers these two guys just brought a different way to picking Canadian,I enjoyed the show ,the traveling across our great nation,and if our two Calgarians experts do decided to do the show again trust me ,I’ll watch and learn,remember folks this is a business,do you see Wall-Mart or Canadian Tire giving away their stuff !!! Pete L from Quebec

  15. Could have been a good show if they actually picked. Get out of the antique shops and into the barns!

    1. You hit the nail on the head YES if they actually picked 52 episodes and not 1 cold call what a JOKE GOOFBALL PICKERS

  16. thought it would last longer but a big thanks to scott and Sheldon. also to Gerry and brooke for a wonderful season four.

    1. I agree. The concept is great. New pickers…real ones this time.
      Just reduce the sleaze factor. Maybe ask the warehouse guy(Gerry)to grab an honest partner and continue on.

  17. Thanks scott and sheldon enjoyed all 52 episodes i wish there was more you guys were very inspiring. Cheers!

    1. They have inspired me too…to take up a life of crime! I now see how profitable a life of crime can be.

  18. All you haters can hate all you want this show was just as good if not better on some episodes than american pickers!! You haters are hated!

      1. That’s why the show was cancelled. Everyone flipped the channel. No viewers, no show. They were con artists.

  19. These two thieves will never see the Pearly Gates. Satan is gonna love these guys.

    1. This has seriously jumped the shark. Keyboard warriors judging who goes to heaven and hell. Are you serious? Why don’t you compare them to hitler and be done with it.

      They are people. Human beings. I can’t imagine you would say this to their face. And if you are the sort of people who do say things of this nature to people, I am glad that I do not kbow ypu.

      1. Nor I you. Hitler was a nice person compared to these guys. You seem to be the type of person that would have enjoyed watching the Christians tossed to the lions. I don’t like you and would tell you that to your face. Look at the other comments…these guys were crooks!

  20. I agree. With these guys in the pit the flames from Hell will rage uncontrollably for a long time to come!

        1. I agree totally. These two should have been hung like the others at Nuremberg. Imaginative Nickname does NOT know his BIble. “Thou shall not steal.”

  21. Scott grow up u think your so COOL YOU DUMMIE YOU BUM u r the reason the show is no more}}}}} love Sheldon SCOTT THE ASSHOLE

  22. I enjoyed seeing Canada and the interesting people, places and things. What a great country! I will miss the show.

  23. I loved seeing the antiques aspect of it (Antiques Roadshow is my fave) but these fellows were just plain dishonest. I really hated the background sounds (whoooop) when they disagreed with what the seller was asking. It might have been better if the show didn’t reveal how bad they ripped everyone off by showing what they were selling the item after they purchased it. I liked the show but not the hosts. Moneygrubbers for sure. Too much greed for me.

  24. Being a picker/collector myself, I appreciated seeing the Canadian content, as well as the various people Scott & Sheldon met, but personality wise, Mike & Frank from American Pickers come across as much more honest, considerate, and respectful of the people they were dealing with. Scott in particular was far too sarcastic and cynical. I would like to see the program resume with better (nicer) Pickers.

  25. Oh yah be mad for him being honest about his desire to make a profit and I watched an few instances where he has said “no that’s too low” Do you really think the sellers only benefit is what the pickers pay them? It’s free advertising for the rest of their collections. I’m sure the guy in AB. with old those motorbikes sold them ALL for a good price. If your flipping, it’s too much…….but to a collector! These people has so much gold that they will be OK!!!!

  26. I AM SHOCKED! reading all these negatives comments about Scott and Sheldon ! as I have always loved both of them, I never knew some people hated them so much ! You realize they are just trying to make a living right ?

    1. Pablo Escobar was “just trying to make a living” too. However he destroyed countless lives doing it. If I stole food and money from you on a continual basis “trying to make a living” I very much doubt that you would be talking this way. These are two well off guys taking advantage of people not as well off as them.

    2. I like the show because of all the antique items that are discovered but my girlfriend does not watch it and doesn’t like me to watch it because of how the hosts rip off everyone. When you make 5 or 6 times an items worth that is not really “making a living” anymore. That is outright theft. What really gets me is when Scott looks at the person like he has two heads when he quotes a price and after he gets it for what he wants, he sells it for 5 times what the guy wanted. In short, like the show, the crooks have to go.

  27. I’m truly amazed that some comments about Scott and Sheldon were favourable. Did none of you notice that every time they said “they didn’t know” exactly what an item was worth and would have to have it appraised, they would AT LEAST quadruple their money. Then, to make it seem legit, they’d have a shot of them rambling on about how “surprised” they were that the item was worth so much. BS. This was obviously set up so they could avoid the backlash after the fact. Also, on at least a few occasions, they would actually tell the sellers that they would resell the item for a certain amount, but at the end of the pick when they showed the estimated amount that they would sell it for, it would suddenly be fifty or seventy bucks more than the price they had stated. I feel sorry for the people of whom they took advantage, and am ashamed that they are Canadian. VERY glad their show is done. Just wish their business was, too!

    1. I think anyone with an IQ over 6 would agree with you. Thieves,lain and simple.

      1. Same goes for the American version only on a much bigger scale, those two really are unbelievable con artists!

  28. I bet these guys got their start by stealing milk from hungry kittens. For most of us making any size profit is a good thing but these guys aren’t happy unless they double,triple and even quadruple their profit. Glad to see them go too. Hope their business collapses like a house of cards.

  29. Will miss the show. Great guys with great talent. Would like to meet them one day and maybe deal with them too.

  30. Come on boys I love you guys, I am a true Canadian and will not put my feet on American soil. Sorry to say I hate American pickers you guys are true and fair.

  31. If you don’t like the price they offer, don’t sell to them. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch.

  32. So how do businesses profit if they don’t sell at a price higher than what they bought at? It’s called capitalism folks. That’s how our economic system works.

    1. Capitalism has nothing to do with these guys. Our economic system is not based on theft. Sorry. Nothing wrong with making a profit, but when you buy something for $200 and sell it for $1500 that’s just plain wrong!

      1. Just seen an episode where they bought a Ford Tractor sign for $1000 ( after beating the guy down from $1500) and then sold it for $4000!!! This is NOT Capitalism. This is outright theft. These guys will be right at home in the nether-most regions of Hell. Which they will be visiting soon enough.

  33. if any of you Anonymous texters had the guts to show your face and/or real name your opinion would be worth something. as it stands you come across as a bunch of idiots.
    things are worth what people are willing to sell for AND what people are willing to pay.
    i think it’s great that we have a couple of local guys do well. This is the real world and they deserve to do well.

    1. Right, dancooperfurniture. You might be joeschmoonwelfare for all we know. Our comments are every bit as legit as yours, or maybe more so. Anyone can put any name they want on the net. Means nothing. If you do sell furniture I’ll bet you rip people off the same way as they do thereby your stand. Your opinion means nothing to us and from the looks of it here you are in the vast minority. Thieves beget thieves.

      1. Vast minority??? So people who disagree with you are thieves!!!there is absolutely no logic in what you’re saying, if my opinion means nothing to you why are you replying other than to feed your ego. I’m replying to you to see how stupid and vapid your answers can get. Betcha your inflated ego will get the best of you. Which anonymous are you? The one that lives in the DIS ???!or the one whose wife married an idiot???

        1. Speaking of stupid…I have a dog that has more sense than you. What I was implying (since you cannot figure it out for yourself) is that since you so heartily approve their skulduggery that you must be a thief as well. Who else but another thief would condone theft? I would further engage you in a battle of wits but you are clearly unarmed. You are the one with the inflated ego, not I. I would say YOUR wife married the idiot but if you’re married then I am the King of Norway.

          1. well…your comments are getting stupider and vapider. try harder. i’m sure you can reach the penuckle of vapidity. seeing as how you won’t identify yourself i’ll call you Mr. Drivel. why don’t you wear a name tag at the flea market at Sunnyside on Sunday? Wait…don’t bother…ur the one that checks the garbage for cans. You are a collector n’est pas? (that’s italian)
            if you have a dog I betch you hafta wear a pork chop around your neck so he’ll play with you

          2. OK…I give up…ur snappy retort is just to much for me to handle…chachun a son goo yanoo

  34. Good riddance to these two! Zero chemistry and really not pickers at all in real life. I will miss the new guy Gerry. He seemed like a good guy and did not come across as a sleazy as these two clowns did.

    1. Watch Salvage Hunters on Discovery. That guy is honest. Wish we could put more people like him on these shows.

  35. Thank Christ it ended. Compared to American Pickers, these two idiots made people in Canada look stupid. Who the hell picked them…I wish the show would have ended ten minutes in to the first show, then we could found someone like Mike and Frank. For Christ sake it’s bad enough that Americans think we live in Igloos here, but then came these two buffoons to add to the story.

  36. This was the best antique show on the history channel. Way better than all US versions. Scott and Sheldon were both very entertaining. I will miss the Canadian Pickers.

    All the morons (or is it just one jerk writing over and over again) who are expressing such anger need to “get a life.”

  37. CANADIAN PICKERS EXSPOSED first of all if you look very closely at the blured license plates in every show the license plates are from the province are territory there in they do not drive all the way across the country they fly there and then rent a van and put a sticker that says double s antiques on it second they dont sell from there store its never open its not in the phone book or online or has an address it is all just for show in other words FAKE the american pickers have two stores two phone numbers and respond to peoples emails and requests there web page says we are experienceing technical difficulty for what since there show was cancelled it all seems to convenient they have auctions once they have enough stuff to have an auction halls auctions to be exact sheldon must work for them since that is what he claims he really is and yes all these things people have said about them are true quote sheldon i would take that it sounds like a really good deal and just look at the way scott turns his face away when he shakes a sellers hand after he pays five more dollars then he wanted to pay for an item .

    1. get a life Robert. Sheldon is a licensed auctioneer as was his dad. You’re disappointed that they didn’t drive from Calgary to Newfoundland? The license plates are obscured as they are in all tv productions including American Pickers
      Generally pickers do not have storefronts. the definition of a picker is essentially a supplier to businesses that sell stuff retail and usually have a storage facility of some sort. . American Pickers sell wholesale and retail.

      All auctions have to be held in a licensed facility and a bid caller must have a license to say SOLD. You are completely wrong in your assertion about Sheldon’s status as an auctioneer.

      finally…the old livery stable does exist. It’s next to the old National Hotel. there are many stores in Calgary that are only open occasionally and are only listed electronically. you know…on the web

      I only answer these entries because ignorant people really piss me off.

      1. all I care about is that they are gone..too bad we have been flooded with repeats for the next few years

  38. it seems like you are the one that needs to get a life what do you live on this site or check out the posts daily to defend your fellow CRIMANAL CON ARTIST PRETEND FAKE JUST FOR TV PICKERS THAT GOT CANCELLED like how many posts do you have on here anyways every time someone says something TRUE about these two CLOWN SHOES your on here and other sites probably to defend them do you have your computer tablet and or mobile divice set on alert to get on here and try to spread some more fiction about these two NEVER WILL NEVER WAS OR NEVER HAS BIN WORST THINGS TO EVER BE IN ASSOCATION with the words CANADA OR CANADIAN everything i have stated before in my older post was TRUTH not FICTION as you believe in your FANTASY LAND OR ISLAND NO LIFE WORLD you are from just look at the license plates there of the province or territory they are so called picking in THEY FLY THERE THEN RENT A VAN SLAP A STICKER ON IT THAT SAYS DOUBLE S ANTIQUES AND LIE ABOUT DRIVING ACROSS CANADA PLUS NO PHONE NUMBER NO ADDRESS NO REAL STORE NO WEB SITE QUOTE WHERE EXPERINCING TECHNICAL DIFFNICULTIES IN CLOSING I USE TO LIVE IN ALBERTA PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND THESE TWO WANNABE COWBOY HICKS ARE WHY I DO NOT ANY MORE SCOTT AND SHELDON HAVE A LOT IN COMMON WITH ANOTHER PERSON FROM CALGARY STEPHEN HARPER HE IS ALSO FAKE AND LIKES TO LIE AND STEAL FROM HARD WORKING CANADIANS TO .

    1. actuallie…I’m fascinated with how anal some of you people are. All caps…I’m impressed…you sure told’s “criminal”, “you’re” “device” been” “we’re” “used” and “too”
      your grammar could use a little work as well. Try to eschew obfuscation…
      Glad you left Alberta…
      you can unlock your caps key now

  39. at least i am in the majority here not in the minority that is completely delusional and suffering from a serious mental health disorder thinking that it is fathomable that the majority is wrong in stating what they have stated . BAD GRAMER CAPS LOCK BAD GRAMER CAPS LOCK BAD GRAMER CAPS LOCK BAD GRAMER CAPS LOCK THAT HURT I AM SO SORRY SCOTT OR SHELDON WE ALL KNOW IT IS ON OF YOU LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. witch one of you is it scott or sheldon we should take bets here i bet it is sheldon he is the sensitive carrying one right ?

  41. lol you just cant beat the internet on a sunday can you some peoples retarded kids lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Which Caring People’s do not fuck people over like scott and sheldon do is that right did i spell it and use proper gramer this time.

  44. Forget don cooper Robert. He’s wrong, knows he’s wrong and resorts to personal attacks which have nothing to do with anything but it plugs his ego. Like a previous poster stated “Thieves beget thieves”. They are all from the same den of eniquity. Try not to judge him (I know, I know it’s hard) That is for a vengeful God. With whom he will deal with eventually.

  45. Would really like to see the network change their minds about the demise of this show.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  46. what is up with scott and the faces he makes fuck he looks goofy did he have a stroke or something and check-out his creepy looking little elf hands they just give me the chills each time i see him pick up something delicately like an old rusty tin god only knows you wouldn’t want to scuff that old tin or damage it in any way how FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. First off the last reply was funny as heck and second I heard Sheldon was decent it’s Scott that is an asshole.

  48. i believe alot of way scott acts is because he is jealous of other peoples collections this causes him to be incredibly disrespectful to peoples homes and items for instance did anybody see the time to sell episode where he throws the luch kit at sheldon then questions the sellers prices over and over and then just climbs on to the sellers counter top with his dirty old cowboy boots after the seller tells him i can get a latter he just completely ignored him ignorant and there’s sheldon again i think that’s a good deal dose he know anything about any of the items they pick or dose he just stand there looking creepy every episode fuck he is creepy i tell you i would not let him the distance of the earth near me fuck he gives me the heebie-jeebies creepy fucker LOL CANCELLED LOL NOW GIVE US A REAL CANADIAN PICKERS SHOW LIKE THE AMERICANS MINUS SCOTT AND SHELDON WE DISERVE A VERSION TO LOVE THE PEOPLE AND THE PLACES HATE THE COWBOY AND THE CREEPY FUCKER!!!

  49. My gawd these two clowns lasted 4 years all i can say is wow way too many channels on TV Scott is your typical lawyer think they know it all …. and Sheldon is just his yes man…

  50. Both can an u.s versions made fer tv if it was that easy to sell all that shit wudnt b out ther

  51. I get a kick out of Scott. He claims several times in the shows that he is NOT a collector and that he sells everything but I seen an episode this weekend where he sells all the stuff in his basement that he stole from other people. Makes a fortune. How can some people be so blind?

    1. I seen that episode too. Always claimed that he was not a collector but his basement was full of items that never seen the open market. He stole them and then sold them at a massive profit. I said to my girlfriend that I wondered how he slept at night. She replied “On a big pile of money!!!”

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