Comments and queries for the week of Sept. 12

How do you go about getting Sebastian Clovis to do your property, especially back yards that are just about totally unusable? He says he also does outdoor spaces.–Linda

You’re in luck if you live in the Greater Toronto Area! Sebastian and the folks at Tackle My Reno are currently casting for projects. Find out more at Sebastian’s website.

[In response to Confessions of a Cord Cutter] Where I live we can only get expensive satellite TV, as there’s no access to cable. I would cord cut myself but my so-called high-speed Internet is not speedy enough to watch shows online. Netflix usually works OK for me and I’m not sure why, but there’s just not enough shows on there for me. And my husband couldn’t live without Wild TV, the hunting channel. The kids are content to watch kids shows on Netflix though.–Ally