2 thoughts on “TV, eh? on CBC radio: How viewing habits are changing”

  1. Nice segment. Good job Diane.

    I think a big issue for tv is geoblocking or rather ungeoblocking. Many Canadians will do the work to find a way around geoblocking to watch the content they want to watch and I think Canadian companies lose out on money when they fail to provide a show at the same time Americans are getting it. A good example of that is Outlander, which Showcase is airing 3 weeks behind Starz in the U.S.–I know a great deal of people are finding ways to watch it at the same time. Not me mind you (thanks to poor internet speeds) but there’s plenty of others, especially of the younger generation who are on the online tv sites all the time and want to be able to discuss the shows they want without having to worry about spoilers. That’s for the shows they like most. Most people I know, including me, have a select few shows they watch as soon as they show up on our DVR while there’s several other shows that build up episodes on our DVR and we bingewatch when we have nothing else watch.

  2. There is nothing the Crtc can do about that but your right many Canadians do find ways just as Americans have to find ways.

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