Interview: Ari Millen juggles clones and werewolves

Kingston-born actor Ari Millen performed in high school plays and used to play with a school’s camera equipment to make “weird slasher movies” with his childhood friend, though he had his eye on the NHL. But when a separated shoulder interfered with his hockey plans, he joined an improv team and ended up solidly on the path to actor instead of goalie.

He had just finished filming the upcoming werewolf movie Hunter’s Moon when he spoke to Anthony Marco for the TV eh B Cs podcast about his career, including his training, theatre background, and his most famous role to date — as Mark in Orphan Black.

Fans got a shock at the end of season two when his character was revealed to be part of a set of male clones. “Me included,” Millen interjected.

“When I signed on I was told I was in the first six and then I’d have a glorious death,” he explained. “An Orphan Black death is an Orphan Black death – they are pretty great. I was really hoping Helena would take me out in some gruesome way.”

“I got the script for script and I read it and I thought, ‘I’m not dead.’ Then seven came, and eight came, and I’m not dead. Then I got a phone call.”

Creator Graeme Manson finally told him he was going to be the male clones. “I’d just thought my character Mark was going to survive the season and that was good enough for me.” Instead, he’s poised to perhaps be another Tatiana Maslany on the show – we’ll find out when season three airs.

Listen to the full interview here, including discussions about growing up in Kingston and transitioning to Toronto, learning by watching on set, and JUST wrapping the film Hunter’s Moon. Plus a little obligatory talk about growing up goalie and grasping for a lost Italian word… chinotto!